Comodo antivirus defense

comodo antivirus defense

Comodo offers the best antivirus security by bringing in degree In other words, their way of taking action is through detection and defense. Comodo Antivirus with Premium Internet Security Software can prevent most of the cyber attacks and malware which steal private data stored on your computer. Compare Comodo Antivirus and Adaptive Defense / WatchGuard EPDR head-to-head across pricing, user satisfaction, and features, using data from actual. TIGHTVNC SERVER HIDDEN Comodo antivirus defense manageengine servicedesk license expired


Once it is added to the safe list, the application will no longer be run in the sandbox by Internet Security. If it is found to be malicious then it will be added to Comodo's list of malware signatures and will be deleted after the next round of updates. Just click a button when you'd like to scan for viruses. When Antivirus real time protection lite software detects one, it kills it. Comodo Secure Shopping provides unbeatable security for online banking and shopping sessions by running your favorite browser inside a security-hardened virtual environment which is isolated from the rest of your computer.

This creates a threat resistant tunnel between you and your target website which cannot be attacked by other processes running on your computer. Secure Shopping also features memory-scraping prevention, remote takeover protection and independent SSL certificate authentication to deliver the next-generation of security for online transactions. For technical product questions visit our Support Home Page click on the "Submit a Ticket" link and select "Internet Security Support" from the dropdown menu and submit.

Check out our Online Help Guide for tips on how to use and configure our products and for detailed technical information. Go to the Help Guide. Our Forum is populated with fellow Comodo users and developers alike and can quite often be the quickest and friendliest way to find answers to questions that you have. Read the Forum.

Antivirus for Linux. Malware Removal. Antivirus for MAC. What Does a Firewall Do. No Thanks, I just have 1 PC. Home Free Antivirus Software Online shopping protection. Stop unknown files running on your computer. Easy to setup and use. Is your Free Antivirus Download real time protection lite doing a great job for you?

Cloud-based scanning delivers superior protection against the very latest threats Intelligent free virus protection software automatically sandboxes unknown and suspicious files Easy to use interface lets you install and forget. Isolation of all suspicious files eliminates the chance of PC contamination Constantly updated with the latest virus signatures. User Reviews. Write a Review.

Bertha E. Katelyn R. Linda E. Glenn E. Robert M. What is "quarantine protection"? Will programs run OK in the Sandbox? Is it free for business users too? So why should I use this Antivirus? To continue my testing, I installed Comodo Online Security. Malware defense can happen at many levels, but the very first line of defense is simply keeping the browser away from malware-hosting sites. If antivirus doesn't fend off the site itself, eliminating the malware payload is the next possible defense.

My malicious URL blocking test exercises both defensive layers. I launch each and note whether the antivirus diverts the browser from the page, quarantines the malware payload, or sits idly, doing nothing. The URLs are different in every test, but they're always the latest, and I aim for data points, to get a representative sample. I got through 25 verified malware-hosting URLs without ever seeing access blocked by the browser extension.

At that point, for a sanity check, I repeated that part of the test with a different browser. Changing browsers didn't change the results. In the end, Comodo defended against 56 percent of the verified samples, all of them by quarantining the malware payload.

That's very, very low. Sophos and McAfee managed 97 percent. Avast, Avira, and AVG all scored above 90 percent. The description of Comodo Online Security promises protection against both malicious websites and phishing sites, fraudulent pages that masquerade as sensitive websites and trick visitors into giving away their login credentials.

Specifically, it says the browser extension "instantly blocks dangerous and fraudulent websites. Participating security companies agree to detect this page as fraudulent, letting users verify that their protection is active. Alas, Comodo is not a participant, so it didn't block the test page. To prepare for my phishing protection test, I comb phishing analysis websites for URLs that have been reported as fraudulent, making sure to include some that are too new for the blacklists.

I launch each in a browser protected by the antivirus under test, and simultaneously in instances of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer protected only by the browser's built-in antiphishing. I discard any URLs that don't load correctly in all four browsers, and any that don't show all characteristics of a phishing fraud such as trying to capture login credentials.

Phishing Protection Results Chart. Not all antivirus tools distinguish between malicious and fraudulent URLs, so I give equal credit no matter the reason offered when a product blocks a site. However, it was clear in testing that every time Comodo blocked a phishing URL, it did so because its file-based antivirus detected malicious code in the web page. It never once identified a page as fraudulent. Its score of 10 percent protection is among the lowest I've recorded.

At the other end of the spectrum, Kaspersky and McAfee AntiVirus Plus managed percent detection, using a combination of blacklisting and heuristic page analysis. Avast and AVG came close, with 98 percent detection. Comodo users, I advise you to leave your browser's phishing protection turned on, and practice detecting phishing scams on your own.

With one click, you can switch Comodo's main window from its default basic view to the advanced view. Comodo's containment system isolates the processes that run inside it. It virtualizes system changes, meaning that the changes seem real to the process, but aren't permanent. You can empty the container to terminate contained programs and wipe out their changes. The Auto-Containment system takes charge of any program that doesn't appear in Comodo's reputation database.

On determining that a program might be unsafe, most users would simply refrain from launching it. If you're the kind of person who'd launch the suspect program regardless, you can protect yourself by launching virtualized in Comodo's containment system.

That way it can't make any permanent changes. Comodo flags programs running in this mode by giving them a green border. Out of the box, the desktop emphasizes the Comodo Dragon browser. It comes preloaded with icons to install a variety of apps, among them Outlook.

You can flip back and forth between the regular and virtual desktops, but apps running on the regular desktop can't touch those in the virtual desktop. In addition to isolating programs in the containment system, Comodo subjects them to the scrutiny of its VirusScope behavioral analysis tool. By default, VirusScope only tracks programs running in the container. By default, it runs in Safe Mode, meaning it allows all activities by programs with a safe reputation and asks you how to handle unknowns.

You can limit the number of pop-up queries by putting it in Learning mode for a while. In this mode it notes activities by your programs and creates rules to always allow those activities. Conversely, in Paranoid mode it asks you how to handle every program's activities, even those Comodo deems safe, only allowing those you've personally approved. The term HIPS can refer to a security component that protects against exploit attacks.

All Comodo products install the Comodo Dragon browser as a bonus. This is a Chromium-based browser with all the features you expect, plus some unusual goodies on the toolbar. As noted earlier, the Virtual Desktop centers around Comodo Dragon. Naturally this browser comes with Comodo Online Security installed. Some of the bonus features will please the geeky crowd. And you can get a detailed report on all the personal and connection data that your system leaks to every website you visit. Want to share the page, not just some text?

If you're viewing a video, you can use the Media Grabber to download a copy in one of several formats. Most Windows users know that you can launch Task Manager to get a look at all running processes, or use it to kill a stuck process. Comodo includes features that go beyond Task Manager, for those with the tech skills to use them.

If you simply choose to view active processes, Comodo displays them in a list, showing the filename, process ID, and company for each, as well as the user account that owns the process. The Restriction column identifies programs running fully or partly virtualized; most processes will show Disabled in this column.

The last column shows the reputation rating for each process. Not too techie for you? OK, let's look at Comodo KillSwitch. This utility also lists all active processes, along with their details, but its list extends to Windows services as well, and it identifies each item's CPU and memory usage. Given the name, it's not surprising that you can use KillSwitch to terminate any process. However, it goes beyond Task Manager with options that are opaque even to me.

Kill and Block makes sense to me; it kills the process and prevents it from restarting. But I'm not clear on Terminate and Reverse, for example. KillSwitch comes with its own bonus tools. You can use it to analyze programs that launch at startup, quickly repair settings often damaged by malware, and check how often programs get used. But for most users, even those with a little extra tech-savvy, KillSwitch is overkill.

Features like KillSwitch, HIPS, and the sandbox containment system make Comodo Antivirus attractive to techies, but those same techies will be put off by its poor showing in tests, and its apparent lack of progress over time. One independent lab gave it good scores, but it tanked our phishing protection and malicious URL blocking tests. Why fool around with an overcomplicated product that doesn't have lab score cred, when you can do better without opening your wallet?

Both scored well in our hands-on malware protection test, and at or near the top in our antiphishing test. These two are our Editors' Choice products for free antivirus. Bottom Line: The free Comodo Antivirus includes many high-end bonus features, but the independent antivirus testing labs have little to say about it, and it tanks in some of our own hands-on tests. Bottom Line The free Comodo Antivirus includes many high-end bonus features, but the independent antivirus testing labs have little to say about it, and it tanks in some of our own hands-on tests.

Pros Decent score in our hands-on malware blocking test. Automatic isolation of unknown programs. Behavior-based malware detection. Virtual desktop and secure browser. Cons Failed to defend against hand-modified ransomware samples. Dismal scores against malicious and fraudulent URLs. Independent lab test results sparse. More Inside PCMag. Rubenking Neil J.

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The antivirus and firewall software managed by CESM are versions of the same software used by the consumer versions of Comodo Internet Security [16] [17] [18]. PC Magazine lead security analyst, Neil J. Rubenking, reviewed Comodo Firewall Pro 3.

He praised the suite's firewall capabilities but criticized its antimalware capabilities. Three years and three version later, Comodo Antivirus results became significantly better. In a 9 January review, Techworld awarded Comodo Internet Security Pro 4 of 5 stars and concluded "Cloud-based scanning and behaviour analysis joins a suite of top-notch security tools, designed to keep your PC secure.

The average user will appreciate its largely automatic operation, though, while experts enjoy the powerful tools and extreme configurability. Reviewing the software again, Neil J. Reubenking gave it a score 4. Reubenking concluded "The biggest win for Comodo Internet Security Complete isn't in features, but in support.

The GeekBuddy service fixes any problem, security or otherwise, using remote assistance. A Virus-Free Guarantee reimburses you for damage if malware gets past Comodo; you can also get reimbursed for expenses related to identity theft. Add a GeekBuddy-powered tuneup tool and an unusually powerful backup utility and you've got a winner. Rubenking, reviewed Comodo Internet Security in with very poor performance. Products that surpass the industry standard measured by the mean score of the participating products are awarded a certificate.

Comodo Internet Security participated in their tests since , and for the first time in February , Comodo Internet Security Premium version 6. On 18 January , Matousec, an independent tester of security software, analyzed 38 security products for their proactive defense capabilities and ranked Comodo Internet Security Premium v6 number one.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links , and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Comodo Internet Security version 10 Premium on Windows Windows 7 and later; [1] OS X Comodo Group. Retrieved 5 November Retrieved 10 October PC Advisor. Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 13 March File Urgent. Archived from the original on 7 February Retrieved 6 February Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 30 January Cyber Defense Magazine. Retrieved 31 January CSO Australia. Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 29 May One of the main differences between the paid and free version is the lack of support, backups and VPN.

Most can survive without these features. Comodo combines the best, patented protection technologies in one comprehensive package that secures your everyday activities while increasing your productivity. Comodo Antivirus has the same feature as the paid Comodo Advanced Antivirus, the main difference is the free version lacks support. If your system has been infected with malware, only Comodo paid customers will have an expert cleaning up your PC of all malwares remotely and ensuring your PC remains clean.

Comodo Windows Antivirus has a better approach. Honestly, I am still somewhat confused on how they generate revenue when they give away most of their products. The other thing with free antivirus is it will come with nagware, a pop-up message reminding you how awesome their product is and the need to upgrade.

The free Internet Security Software provides a complete protection against viruses and attacks. Comodo Secure Shopping provides unbeatable security for online banking and shopping sessions by ensuring you connect to those websites from within a security-hardened browsing environment. The Integrated Firewall includes the buffer-overflow protection originally featured in Comodo Memory Firewall.

Control which programs are allowed to access the internet, make your computer invisible to hackers and protect your system against all inbound and outbound attacks.

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