Comodo firewall parental control

comodo firewall parental control

The total number of intrusion attempts blocked by firewall since start of current session of Comodo internet Security is displayed here as a link. On clicking. Enable password protection for settings - Selecting this option activates password protection for all important configuration sections and wizards within the interface. Comodo Internet Security is a combination of powerful Antivirus protection, Introduction to Comodo Internet Security Parental Control Settings. HOW TO DOWNLOAD ZOOM VIDEOS TO GOOGLE DRIVE Comodo firewall parental control where does filezilla store sites


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Suppress Antivirus alerts when password protection is enabled - If selected, no Antivirus Alerts are displayed when password protection is enabled. Parents and network admins may want to enable this setting if they do not want users to be made aware when an Antivirus alert has been triggered.

For example, a virus program may be attempting to copy itself and infect user's computer without permission or knowledge of the user. Usually, the Antivirus would generate an alert and ask the user how to proceed. Selecting this option blocks the activity of the virus but does not generate an alert. Comodo Antivirus For Linux Version 1. Our Products. Which efficient free parental control software same type as K9 do you propose, being compatible with comodo firewall?

Thank you Best Regards, Fasty. Quote from: fasty on April 21, , PM. Please remember to follow the Forum Policy. Actually, I know from installing CIS on my sisters machine that there is some incompatibility and apparently Comodo is aware of it. I installed anyway assuming that any incompatibilities would only impact browsing and I could see what I could figure out after CIS was installed.

Then her system wouldn't startup after reboot. She said if she had to choose between the two, she would pick CIS. So I uninstalled K9 in safe mode and all was good. Since K9 is fairly widespread, it would probably be a good idea for Comodo to figure something out there. Please read the Forum Policy! Thank you for your answers. I tried anyway but K9 was not working it did not block "nasty" webpage as before. I have uninstalled it now but I need a parental control software 3 childrens using the family computer Thank you Fasty.

I prefer to try other solution before trying this one Do other person have other idea? John Buchanan "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote. Improve yourself. I haven't used it, but what about Windows Live Family Safety? Please follow Comodo Forum Policy Bah!

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comodo firewall parental control

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