Fortinet yubikey

fortinet yubikey

miniOrange Fortinet Fortigate VPN 2FA Solution helps you to add two-factor authentication to Forticlient VPN Hardware Token, Yubikey Hardware Token. › two-factor-authentication-for-fortinet. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance. FORD THUNDERBIRD 10TH GENERATION

On this screen it's possible to edit the tokens and synchronize them. Choose one of the available YubiKey tokens from the drop-down menu on the right hand side. Verification: If self-service portal is configured, log out and then attempt to log back in as the user with YubiKey assigned.

How to match a YubiKey to its serial number in FortiAuthenticator? If it is not sure which serial number matches to a certain YubiKey, use the following procedure to identify it: 1 Press the YubiKey button to generate a code.

The remainder is the hexadecimal representation of its unique ID eight digits. The result is the serial number of the YubiKey as shown in FortiAuthenticator. Labels: FortiAuthenticator. Contact Us Corporate Community. Copyright Fortinet, Inc.

Fortinet supports OAUTH, enabling customers to leverage hardware-backed YubiKeys to authenticate to their account for strong defense against phishing and other cyber attacks. Your cart is empty. Shop now at the Yubico Store. Go to store. We have detected another more suited country based on your location, click here to change to.

Fortinet works with:. Series 5 Multiprotocol lineup offering the bridge to passwordless. Learn more. Instructions Register now. Get help Fortinet support. Categories Security. Product overview Fortinet supports OAUTH, enabling customers to leverage hardware-backed YubiKeys to authenticate to their account for strong defense against phishing and other cyber attacks. Get started Get started using Fortinet with the YubiKey. Let's start.

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No longer are applications exposed to the internet for bad actors to see and try to breach. In a work from anywhere world, users need access to all of their applications, no matter where the application or the user is located. The ZTNA verification and application access policies are the same, no matter where the user or device may be located.

Take a look at the product demos to explore key features and capabilities, as well as our intuitive user interfaces. Complete the form to have a Fortinet sales expert contact you to discuss your business needs and product requirements. Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer. What is ZTNA? Watch Now. Conquering Quality of Experience Challenges for the Work-From-Anywhere Model Join this eye-opening discussion on the security ramifications of widespread and ongoing telework.

Features and Benefits. Enables ZTNA policies to be enforced for both remote workers and on-campus workers. Grants access to a specific application only for that session. Provides more visibility and control of the endpoint for the IT team while providing the user a faster, easier experience. Requires no additional licenses. Creates TLS-encrypted tunnels automatically, from the endpoint to the access proxy, ensuring traffic is hidden from prying eyes. Use Cases. Multiple login options include authentication for Macs and Windows computers including those connected via Azure Active Directory, Active Directory and Microsoft Accounts.

One of the most effective ways to secure computer access is to leverage the YubiKey smart card functionality, requiring a YubiKey and a PIN. Many of the services or applications used internally may support time-based one-time passcodes OTPs — such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy — as a two-factor authentication method. You can enhance phone-based one-time passcode authentication with the Yubico Authenticator , a cross-platform authenticator app that improves security and portability by storing TOTP secrets on the YubiKey and not on the mobile phone.

This allows users to generate the OTP codes within the app by inserting or tapping the YubiKey to a device. SSH credentials used to access business servers are high value targets for hackers, as they are used by developers and systems administrators who may have higher access levels to critical systems and data.

Storing SSH private keys on local devices leaves them at risk of being stolen. Additionally, manually typing OTP codes for MFA slows down access times and productivity as it takes users away from their workflows. SSH users can authenticate to remote systems using private keys stored securely on a YubiKey.

Storing SSH private keys on a YubiKey ensures that they cannot be copied, stolen remotely or accessed by malware on the device. Using YubiKeys also offers greater convenience and faster logins — with a single touch users are securely authenticated. Discover the services that help secure your hybrid and remote workforce. Learn how Professional Services can help facilitate your remote workforce deployment. Watch the webinar. Source: Google. Protect hybrid and remote workers against account takeovers Two-factor authentication methods such as one-time passcodes and on-device prompts are tied to mobile devices and can be compromised by malware and SIM-swapping.

Secure remote access technologies with MFA Connecting via Virtual Private Networks VPN or Identity-Aware Proxies IAP to access corporate networks, protected resources or specific applications from unsecured home or public wifi can be risky if they are using legacy forms of authentication. With YubiKeys we were able to get the extra security benefits we needed at the touch of a button.

Protect computer login with MFA If employee laptops are not secured properly, they can provide entry points for external threats leading to a security breach, which can have financial, legal and reputational repercussions for your business. Step-up authentication for password managers Passwords are still the most used authentication method according to a recent SANS Report on password management and 2FA.

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