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citrix 1911

Uninstall Citrix Workspace and Re-Install it from Command Prompt using the After installing Citrix Workspace , I opened the Win 10 Device Manager. The workspace App Versions and lower do no animation in this case (the icons appear directly). The workspace App+ do a smooth. A new Teams Offloading status has been added for Microsoft AVD, Citrix & VMware of Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) has been released: RDA version OS X VNC SERVER PERFORMANCE Citrix 1911 zoom neutral background download


After publishing an layered image Windows 10, and Office Standard with offload compositing, the installation of Office always requires a setup reconfiguration after starting an app Word, Excel which takes a few minutes. Outlook is starting. Without offload compositing the published image works fine without reconfiguration of Office after starting an app. Thank you for your answer. Rob Zylowski what logs or informations could be helpful to investigate this issue? Recreating the Office app layer as described in the office recipe did not help.

Then i disabled offload compositing - as this was my only change after upgrading to - and the image works again. The problem is reproducible and occures in the layered image directly before provisioning it for Citrix Xendesktop 7. After provisioning it the issue also occures. Offload compositing speeds up the publish processing by x times, which is great!

Unfortunately the image is not usable for us right know. Gonna have to wait in the engineers fir this one. I dont know how you would troubleshoot it after packaging. I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I have also found an issue with using Offload Compositing in My O apps seem to be working correctly after versioning them and running the optimizer again however I found that where I modified the settings on the ELM to give me a 50 GB Writable C drive that it reverted to 20 GB with Offload Compositing enabled.

I entered the settings again from the article below and they were ignored. I have a case open for this. Support has confirmed that the issue I reported above is a bug and they plan a fix for it in the next release. I am having the same issues as well. I need to do a better look through the forums before I post Did support get an estimated time of when they expect the fix to go out?

Seeing the speed improvements now and knowing I can't use it because of Office stinks! I think i'll have to stop using Offload Composting completely for now as I don't wan to run into one of our other applications having weird issues. Hi jfraust, the fix I was referencing only applies to the issue I mentioned about increasing the size of the Writable Partition.

If OC is enabled, the modification is ignored. I didn't do any additional testing of apps other than to open Outlook and confirmed that it was working for me after versioning and and running optimization again. They simply said that the partition resize issue "should be fixed in the next release".

For now, I've rolled back to my previous version. I didn't have the time to investigate the case further with the support. I will post an update as soon as i know more. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Welcome to the Citrix Discussions. Our site does not support outdated browser or earlier versions. To use our site, please take one of the following actions:. Jump to content. Welcome to the Citrix Discussions. Our site does not support outdated browser or earlier versions.

To use our site, please take one of the following actions:. Jump to content. Learn more. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Sign in to follow this Followers 0. Workspace app and Primavera P6 issues. Primavera closes session Asked by Scott Kasayulie primavera p6 windows 10 workspaceapp.

Scott Kasayulie 0. Scott Kasayulie 0 Members 1 post. Posted March 3, Latest workspace app version Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting.

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