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Santa Clara, CA U.S.A.. Sun Ray™, Smart Cards, and Citrix. Enabling Sun Ray Smart Card Pass-through to Citrix. May , Version Oracle's Sun Ray Clients provide an interoperable, zero-administration desktop client solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs. Aaron, We used to use Citrix XenApp server to deliver whole Windows desktop to the Sun Rays. We dropped that last year in favor of Sun Ray. SPLASHTOP WEB VIEWER Sunray citrix splashtop remote desktop hd streamer sunray citrix


Does it even work with anything else than Windows on the server, that is? One of the main advantages of Sun Ray is that the clients are almost completely dumb and have no moving parts. Not quite correct; there is Citrix Metaframe which is the Winframe equivilant by on UNIX, hence the curiosity as to whether SUN licenced the protocol in Metaframe instead of developing their own transport protocol. True, they probably use quite a lot of recycled technology from the old Java thin clients they sold a while back they looked like a small expresso machine.

Ah ok.. Considering any modern server is going to be spitting out data at 1gbit, dump that into a switch and pass it out as you see fit. I bet you could cram a thousand users on that bandwidth wise. The transport driver is loaded first, then protocol drivers, the WinStation driver, and virtual drivers.

Each of the supported types has a section that describes the module name and default parameters. Most parameters in this file are defaults. They can be overridden by equivalent entries in appsrv. Those marked as ignored are not currently used by the client, but can be reserved for future use, are redundant, or are used by other clients; for example, Win32 or Macintosh. In the last case, the parameter is read by the client but the result discarded.

Note: The values in module. This is because the same permissions are required to change both files. It is written by pnabrowse so it does not exist immediately after a typical installation. Important : reg.

It has no effect on the deployments involving storebrowse or selfservice. You may prefer to have a password in reg. This allows pnabrowse to run without the -P option. To do this, you must also omit the -U and D options. These files offer administrators an alternative way to configure the client settings described in previous sections.

The files also allow administrators to configure client selective trust, a security feature that restricts the characteristics of an ICA session depending on the server to which the client connects. You can disable specific functionality from Citrix Workspace app for Linux by removing the appropriate shared library file. The following table describes these libraries.

Skip to content. Was this article helpful? Provide Feedback. To Type Specify the custom connection to use from the Connection file. Note : With the new self-service UI, you cannot set up a custom connection in this way.

This enables the use of an alternative module. This enables the use of an alternative wfclient. The default name is the device name. However, if you use a Sunray device, the default name is derived from the device's MAC address. This is overridden by the ClientName entry in. This option must be repeated for each drive to be overridden. For the override to work, there must be an existing mapping, though it need not be enabled. Option Description Notes -a , --addstore Adds a new store To add a store, the operation accepts an incomplete URL and tries possible stores, using default names, until it finds one that exists.

Whenever it adds a store it reports the complete URL. With this release, other operations that require a store can implicitly add the store in addition to their main function, provided that they are given the complete URL for the store. By default, the resource name, display name, and folder of the resource are displayed. Additional information can be displayed, by using the --details option. Additional information can be displayed using the --details option.

Selects which attributes of published applications are returned. CreateShortcuts 0x can be used in conjunction with -S , -s , and -u to create menu entries for subscribed applications. RemoveShortcuts 0x 0 can be used with -S to delete all menu entries. Some of these details are not available through storebrowse.

If this is the case, the output is 0. Values can also be expressed in decimal as well as hexadecimal for example, for 0x An abbreviated version of this table is displayed. When used with a StoreFront site, the site must be configured to support HTTP Basic authentication, otherwise, these options are ignored. Fetches desktop or application icons, in PNG format, of the size and depth given by the best or size argument. If the best argument is used, the best sized icon available on the server is fetched.

You can convert this to any size required. The best argument is the most efficient for storage and bandwidth, and can simplify scripting. If the size argument is used, an icon is fetched of the specified size and depth. In both cases, icons are saved in a file for each of the resources that the —E or -S option returns. The size argument is of the form WxB, where W is the width of the icon all icons are square, so only one value is needed to specify the size , and B is the color depth that is, the number of bits per pixel.

W is required but B is optional. If it is not specified, icons of all available image depths are fetched for that size. If you use a different Workspace app, subscriptions on Program Neighborhood Agent servers are unavailable. If only entry is present, the setting's current value is printed. If a value is present, it is used to configure the setting. Commands that use this option will fail if the case is different to the documented case of the setting itself in StoreCache.

The output is the same as —a , but might contain more than one store, separated by newlines. All credentials and tokens are purged. The SSO credentials inserted last are also removed. An optional argument of pnabrowse specifies the server to connect to.

Option Description -S List servers, one per line. If you specify both -E and -L, the last option on the command line takes effect. The utility then terminates, possibly leaving a connection open. For each resource the following details are written to standard output, enclosed in single quotation marks and separated by tab characters: Name : The display name from the Access Management Console Application Properties dialog box. Type : Either Application or Content. Icon : The full path name of an.

This invokes Citrix XenApp and launches a connection to a published resource. This requires configuration of the client and server. It is applicable only for pnabrowse. The following common options are used: Option Description -q Quiet mode; do not print error messages.

Print a usage message listing the options. Value Description 0 Success These error codes are associated with common error messages. Run pnabrowse -errno for a list of these messages. See the text written to standard output for more information on this error. Specify the custom connection to use from the Connection file. Display a different name for Workspace app, specified by name, wherever that name appears.

Set the location of Workspace app installation files. Set drive mapping overrides. To add a store, the operation accepts an incomplete URL and tries possible stores, using default names, until it finds one that exists. Gets and sets the self- service UI settings that are stored in StoreCache.

Used in conjunction with -A, this selects individual columns of information returned about published applications. When appended to option -A , create files specifying the minimum information the client engine needs to connect to published applications; for example, application name, browse server, window resolution, color depth, audio, and encryption settings.

Include paths to files containing icon images for published applications in the output from option -A. Invoke Citrix XenApp and enumerate all published resources. Specify the name of the published resource to which you want to connect. Specify a new password. Use an existing Kerberos ticket to authenticate, rather than user name, password, and domain.

These error codes are associated with common error messages. Citrix XenApp has reported an error. To enable the webcam and audio input for connections, you must ensure this parameter is set to True; otherwise, it overrides the setting for the EnableAudioInput parameter in appsrv. Works with the SucConnTimeout setting. Ensures that the setting SucConnTimeout is honored by virtual desktops as well as virtual applications. When ApplySucConnTimeoutToDesktops is applied to desktops, repeated clicks open multiple sessions, but you can set SucConnTimeout to a suitable timeout and run a custom script in between the desktop launches.

Specifies a bitmapped value that enables automatic response to user prompts such as dialog boxes. The values are as follows: 1: log message to standard error output; 2: exit program whenever that choice is offered. Corrects the server when it attempts to change the state of the client keyboard's locking shift key.

Overrides BalanceShiftKeys when set. No default value. Prevents virtual applications running macros multiple times. When a virtual application runs a macro on one of the LED key presses that is, on the Caps Lock, Number Lock, or Scroll Lock key , the application expects the key state to be sent once. However, the macro runs multiple times and sends the state each time. Disabling CGP can be useful when debugging this feature. Do not use this setting to configure the feature permanently for users.

Use server policies instead. Address and port for CGP connection. Allows client name to be overridden; normally this is obtained from the system. Allows specified named printers to be used; for example, lp1:laser1:lp2. Enables the pulldown Connection Bar "Desktop Viewer" in nonseamless sessions.

Specifies an alternative keyboard shortcut char for displaying the Desktop Viewer accessibility menu. Specifies an alternative keyboard shortcut shift for displaying the Desktop Viewer accessibility menu. Indicates the command used to request the display in an existing browser or start a new browser from those listed. This command is executed after appending the URL. Server to client content redirection media player command.

Server to client content redirection media player path. No default. Defines a stipple pattern in cursor masks to replace inversion regions in Windows cursors. Print queue to be used as the default printer in the Citrix XenApp session. For more information, see Workspace app for Linux on the Product Documentation site. Printer driver to be used for the default printer in XenApp sessions on Windows.

Must be Off for smart card logons. To improve the behavior of a Windows application that attempts to manipulate the keyboard shift key state. Specifies that the client audio accepts the left and right volume control set by server. Enables inter-client communication features used by seamless session sharing and Connection Center. Allows off-screen drawing surfaces to be used when constructing the image to be displayed.

This reduces flicker. Force server to redraw after a Thinwire reset. This may be needed to clean-up the screen on entry or exit from Shadowing. Sets the cap of the hot bitmap cache. The period of time, in milliseconds, to wait before opening a webcam during a session. Determines whether or not to delay the opening of a webcam during a session. Determines the delay, in milliseconds, to wait at startup before the webcam can be activated, to allow the RTME plugin a chance to grab the camera if installed.

Denominator of a fraction specifying the frame rate requested from webcam. Determines whether the client holds system serial ports open for session duration. The maximum number of successive palette changes that can follow one another closely without a redraw. Monitors reception of data from the ICA host and assumes the connection has failed if a request packet fails to produce a response.

Disconnection occurs if the connection is idle for the specified period and if no response is received during this time after a request. Selects a keyboard type code to be sent to the server. The value should be one of the strings in the [KeyboardType] section of module. Mouse button remapping: a string of up to ten of the letters X, B, W, C. Buttons have the "natural" numbering, so the middle of three main buttons is 2, not 3 as MS have it. Mouse buttons whose down events are treated as a mouse wheel motion in the ICA protocol.

The Microsoft locale identifier to send to the server.

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