Fargo hdp5000 workbench

fargo hdp5000 workbench

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Fargo printer has been set to Laminate both sides with a registered Film but the cards are printed with partial lamination on one side and none on the other. Assuming it finishes OK, try your card batches again. I have a HDP and when printing batches of 25 I experience an issue around the middle to end of the third batch where the front only, bottom edge of the card, seems to get a white line as if the image has slightly shifted up.

If I stop for a while and begin printing again the cards print correctly. It never happens during one-off printing or smaller batches. This can be caused by use of an improper power-supply, or could also be caused by use of old ribbon or old film, or possibly a problem with the transfer film heater or sensor; or 2 you are attempting to print cards a second time.

This will cause the new image to stick to the old image, and the transfer film layers will melt to each other, causing the symptoms you describe. Please help. Hi Edwin, and thanks for your question. Hi Rick, and thanks for your questions.

The password lock feature is a security feature for these printers and, as such, we would not post work-around instructions on a public forum such as this. Please contact your local Fargo dealer for direct support in accessing the features of your printer. Hi, I recently acquired a replacement Ribbon Sensor for one of my HDP printers, but this time it came without an installation guide. I have done the replacement on two of our other printers and could probably get through the procedure, but I was wondering if you might have the guide available?

Please let me know, thank you!! The first thing to do would be to run a cleaning process on your printer. You can purchase a cleaning kit for an HDP on our webstore , or if you are not in the United States, from a local supplier. If that does not work, there may be a scratch on the printhead itself, in which case it would need to be replaced. Hi Cinzia — if the feed roller is turning, but the cards are not being pulled into the printer, it can be only 1 of several things:. Try alternate cards to see it that clears the problem — even if just for test purposes.

If old, and still slick and hard after cleaning, send to an authorized service center like us! This can be a stuck card, or other foreign object. Closely examine the card input slot and open the printer front-cover and remove the color ribbon and cartridge, looking for obstructions there too.

Remove any found and try again. It can also be a mechanical fault: a drive motor, a drive-band or gear, or in internal pinch-roller becoming dislodged and preventing card transport. Contact a service center to arrange repairs, if that is the case. Please how do I rectify my HDP that the card hopper rollers refused to pick cards as well as the cleaning card. Several things you can try to remedy the problem.

If the sample card did NOT print properly from within Workbench, then calibrate the transfer film again, and try again. If none of the above is effective, then the printer may require service. This sort of failure is often traced back to one or more failed sensors, a main-board problem, or an issue with the film or film cartridge carrier. I, like Sam, also have a refurbished fargo hdp and im having the same problem with printing edge to edge.

I followed the help you gave Sam and went to the Workbench Utility app and printed an alignment test. My TOF 0 line is set but 3. How can i fix the EOF 3. Hi Sam — and thanks for your question. There are 2 things that immediately come to mind that you can check: 1 make sure the spindles for both the ribbon and the transfer film are pushed fully into the printer these are the gray-plastic parts that the ribbon- and film-cartridge hubs engage with when they are inserted in the printer — the visible tips have colors that match the ribbon- and film-hub colors.

Most all ID badge software has default settings for CRsize cards, including and especially flush margins on the top, bottom, and sides of the card. If none of these resolve the issue, please feel free to contact us directly for further trouble-shooting assistance. I have a refurbished fargo hdp, I have tried to print edge to edge but it doesnt seem to print edge to edge.

I have tried everything from adjusting from workbench and printing setting to changing the ribbon. Maybe I have missed something, can anyone help me please, every print leaves a white border line mark? Hi Rakesh, and thanks for your inquiry. However, we would not post printer passwords, or password override instructions on a public blog, particularly for the HDP, as it is typically used in higher-security badge production environments.

Sorry we cannot be more helpful, but hope you appreciate us doing are part to maintain the highest security standards for product users worldwide. I am using HDP I am facing issue related to prompt password while printing the job. I dont want to prompt for password while print the job?

How can i do this? What is default Pin for password? When I use the workbench It prompt for password. I give it works. But when i tried to reset password from printer panel and give current Pin … it gives me invalid input.

Please help me out. It may be something as simple as some dust or dirt adhering to the print-head, and preventing the image from being transferred in one small area. Clean the printer thoroughly with a Fargo cleaning kit for the HDP , and be sure to clean the print-head with isopropyl alcohol IPA swabs or wipes. If this does not resolve the issue, there may be either a scratch on the print-head surface, or a malfunctioning component, causing one or more pixels to fail.

As a factory-authorized repair center and reseller for Fargo printers, we can help you with either of these problems, should you need further assistance. We facing a issue when we print dark colors. There is scratch mark in the cards. Next, review all driver settings and ensure that you are specifying print on both the front and back-side of the card.

Also, review all similar settings in your ID-badge printing software. Some discretely have settings for your printed output, requiring you to specify if you are printing the front-side of a card; the back-side of a card; or both sides of a card. In addition to having built-in testing and diagnostic abilities, you can send individual commands to the printer to test or activate the flipper mechanism, and you can also print sample 2-sided cards.

Using the Workbench utility can help you determine if the problem is with the printer and drivers set-up , or with your other badge printing software if Workbench test cards work normally, you should focus your efforts on the software printing your badges.

The least likely, but still possible cause is a malfunctioning flipper module. Hi Reece — this sounds like a bad temperature sensor in that printer. These printers work by first applying the image to a transfer film in a series of passes with each of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black ink-panels. The entire image is then transferred from this transfer film, and onto the card surface, in a single pass.

We are printing from our Inner Range Integriti Product. The first cards we print are very bad looking and it doesnt seem to warm it self up. However, if we print a test photo card from the printer menu on the printer, it warms the printer up and prints perfect. I have a issue with my HDP, pretty new machine but for some reason, it is feeding 2 cards always.

But always fine with a single print. Hi — thanks for your post. That sounds like 1 of 2 issues: either the laminator heater for appying the transfer film has gone bad, or the sensor that determines the temperature of the heater has gone bad. What normally happens is that the card prints first all images, text, etc. When the printer has been idle for a while, there is a pause while the lamination unit comes up to operating temperature you may have seen this in the past, when a temperature display starts counting up as the heat increases.

The laminator has a default setting of degrees F that, once attained, allows this final step to be performed. If the printer is fairly new, it may be covered under warranty. Otherwise, as an authorized Fargo Service Center, you could ship it to us for further diagnosis and repair.

Thanks for the added info David. These printers require an 80w adapter 24v, 3. Thank you for your respone. But film and ribbon are brand new. I just replaced the ribbon sensor and that is working fine. It is now also throwing an error which I believe is the film sensor as you mentioned. I am going to go back through the unit and double check all my connections.

The printer unfortunately is no longer under warranty and I am repairing it for a friend. I understand about the RFID chip as Zebra has used those for many years in their ribbons and have run into issues with them mainly getting one that was missing the plastic ring on the back of the su spool which is where the chip is.

So I will check all my connections and check the film sensor to see if it got out of position somehow or has a connection issue. I will post back with my findings. Thank you again for your help! Hi David — the first thing I would check would be the transfer film itself.

Replace the current roll with a new roll from an un-opened box. If out of warranty, we are an authorized dealer, re-seller and service center, so could have you ship to us for repairs. I have an hdp that I just installed anew ribbon and a new film in. I updated to the latest driver and used workbench to update to the latest firmware. When I try to do a test print I get an error 28 no film. I ran the ribbon calibration which worked fine. I am now running the film calibration and it advanced the film and the LCD says calibrating.

However it has been going for about 30 minutes now and still says calibrating the film was only advanced for a few seconds and then stopped. I also have a Zebra Pi and have calibrated it many times and it only takes maybe seconds total. After I updated the firmware in workbench I ran a bunch of the mechanical tests and all motors responded as well as the sensors so I am at a loss at this point. Any help would be appreciated. I would also download the Fargo Workbench utility from the HID Global website , then use the update manager to update drivers and firmware, as necessary.

Then use it to to perform a self-test, plus ribbon and film calibration routines. Make sure your printed output size is set for CR80 and 0,0,0,0 margins, and see if the image is compressed there I doubt it will be but, again, it could help isolate the trouble area. Other than these items, it sounds suspiciously like a failing main-board that is just not handling and processing the image properly. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap or easy fix. I would first make sure I had the right print-head for the HDP It is not interchangeable with one from a DTCe, for example.

Next, I would double and triple-check my installation and connections. Make sure, particularly, that the print-head cable is securely and fully connected. This will let you know if your issue is with the printer and PC set-up, or with your regular software, as you will have taken that software out of the mix and off of the list of possible causes. From this utility, you can also perform a ribbon calibration, which is what we would try next.

Please what can I do? Within it are several sample or test card designs. Try printing one or more of these cards to the HDP to see if the same issue exists. If the sample cards print OK directly from Workbench, then you should be looking for settings changes within your ID-card printing software. Also re-check your card template file — has someone altered it? If the sample cards are also exhibiting the problem, using the Workbench utility again to update your local drivers, the printer firmware, and perform ribbon and film calibrations.

Try the test cards again after these are performed and let us know what results you have. A blank white area has started to appear at the top of the card 2mm — 3mm wide The full image is still there, but just compressed downwards. I have looked at the printer settings, and the horizontal and vertical measurements for the image appear to be correct. Any ideas what else it could be? We find that the best method to ensure that network printers of any type consistently use the same IP address is to use the address-reservation feature or your router, or whichever device is acting as your DHCP server.

When the HDP is first turned on, it will warm up automatically, but not be at full operating temperature until printing begins. The first card printed will always require some additional time, as the transfer-film heater has to reach its operating temperature before the printed image is applied to the card surface.

Once at operating temperature, you can continue printing cards in batches with no additional delay. The printer will revert to stand-by mode, and a lower residual temperature after a period of inactivity. I hope that helps! Stefan Z. Hopefully the below info. Is the printer itself functioning OK? Check this by disconnecting the USB cord from the printer; restarting the printer power-off, power-on , then using the option buttons under the LCD display, navigate to the screens allowing for printing of various test cards.

Select any of them, and see if the printer produces a good test card. If not, it may be time for service. If so, go on to the next step. On the right-side of the screen is an area where you can select and filter for files appropriate for the Fargo HDP printer. Note that you may have to re-boot the PC to completely un-install older drivers, and replace them with the new drivers. Does the printer generate the test card you selected? If no, contact us for further support and possible repair.

If yes, then on to step 3. Launch the software program you use to create badges. One last item to check — try a different USB cord. If the data is corrupted between the sending PC and the receiving printer, it could be a physical problem with the cord itself. Thanks for your question! Please Help. This should automatically clear any jams, unless the transfer film is stuck to the card, in which case the jammed card s will need to be cleared manually.

If do attempt to remove it manually, do not use excessive force or any sharp objects in doing so. Either can damage the print head or rollers, resulting in an expensive repair. This process can be tricky, so feel free to call us to get an expert to walk you through it. It sounds like the ribbon you have selected in the print driver is not the correct type. Check and see what kind of ribbon you are using for your printing.

You may be trying to use a YMCK ribbon to print front and back without choosing the correct setting in the print driver. If you want to print front and back and want black on the back you will need a YMCKK ribbon; if you want to print color on both sides you can use the YMCK but you must create a setting in the print driver to print both sides in color.

In order to make sure that everything is updated, you may also want to install new firmware to the printer and a new print driver onto your PC. Thank you so much in advance.. Hey, my Fargo HIP is making a weird sound in the film motor i guess. It is like the motor cannot load the film or something like that. Start with a ribbon calibration for your printer. This is the first step and may solve the problem. Lower the dye sub intensity in the print driver. Note that you can still use a ribbon that broke by taping it back on to the take- up core.

The printer has determined that one or both overlaminate films have either jammed or broken. Open the Laminator Cover and remove the Laminator Cartridge s. Tape the ends of the overlaminate together and wind any excess onto the Take-up Spool of the Overlaminate. Verify that you are using the correct Power Supply. Follow this procedure.

Select the Fargo Printer to upgrade from the dropdown box. Go to the Firmware Updates tab. If you need to download the update file from the Internet, select the Download Firmware button. Choose the update file with the Select Firmware button. Put your Printer into the upgrade mode.

See the instructions for your specific Fargo Printer. Select the Send Firmware button. How do I clean the printhead? Remove watches, rings, bracelets and other jewelry. Open the front cover. Reinstall the cartridges and close the cover once the Printhead is completely dry. How do I clean the printer and rollers? Remove cards, film, laminates from the printer. Insert the Cleaning Card into the card hopper rollers. Click on the Clean button. The Printer will pull in the Cleaning Card.

The Printer will then perform an automated cleaning procedure. This procedure is designed to thoroughly clean the Platen and the Card Feed Rollers inside the Printer. Once the cleaning card is ejected, discard it and reinstall film, cards and laminates. Connect with Us. Our Company. All rights reserved. Select supply type:. Select printer model:. Close Save changes. Printer ribbons may be exchanged with no restocking fee, provided you receive pre-authorization.

Software cannot be returned for any reason. What should I do if the order I received is incorrect missing items or wrong items? Our policy is simple: we guarantee the lowest price on the items what we sell. Whether you need a new ID card printer or supplies for your ID system, we will offer you unbeatable deals on hundreds of items. Shipping times, methods and costs will vary based on your location. Other shipping options Expedited shipping options such as 2-day delivery or overnight shipping are also available on most items.

We also offer international shipping. Contact us for more details. Value entered for e-mail is invalid Passwords don't match E-mails don't match Please fill up missing fields below. Re: Trade-In Rebate for. Comments or Questions:. FREE personalized consultation with an expert. Get started! Before investing in an ID card solution, talk to an ID expert. Our team is committed to helping you make the right decision to build a successful ID card program.

Request a FREE consultation today to get expert advice and personalized recommendations based on your needs. Which card printer are you using? Which type of ribbons do you need? Log in to your account. If you already have an account, please log in below. Value entered for e-mail is invalid Passwords don't match Please fill up missing fields below You've entered wrong login e-mail or password.

Please try again Your account is not yet activated or disabled. Login or password can not be empty A reset password e-mail has been sent to the provided address. Login to Account. Log me in automatically next time.

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