Manageengine log management

manageengine log management

Logs give you first hand information about your network activities. Log. syslog Event Log Analyzer from ManageEngine is one of the preferred SIEM log management software of cyber-security consultants and white-hat. EventLog Analyzer allows you to audit all your critical application servers. SYSAID VS MANAGEENGINE

Logs contain information about server errors, using which a server admin will know what happened and what type of error it was. Server log management and real-time event alerts are integral to any network monitoring tool. Server log reports are also commonly requested by network auditors. A server log management tool is a must-have feature when purchasing a network monitoring solution. OpManager is an agent-based server logs monitoring and management solution that monitors logs for errors defined by the admin.

Once an error is printed in the log file, OpManager will raise an alert. OpManager checks server logs once every ten seconds for:. Using agent-based server log monitoring software, the content of the log file can be monitored for errors and exceptions; this gives you a clear idea of the status of the application running on the server. Once the agent is downloaded in OpManager , you can view the status and last updated time of the agent. Once set up, the server log file monitoring agent installed on the machine where the application is present monitors log files continuously for a specified match case or string.

Under File Contains , enter the error message, text, or regex you want to identify from the logs in the Search String field. Check Match Case as per your requirements. Select Test Action to check if the profile behaves as intended before saving it. When the agent installed on any device goes down, OpManager alerts you through email and alarms in its web interface.

Server Log Management Tools. What is Server Management? What is SNMP? What is Virtual Server Management? What is Agentless Network Monitoring? What Is Virtualization? Server log management software A server log is a log file automatically created and maintained by a server. OpManager : A server log management tool OpManager is an agent-based server logs monitoring and management solution that monitors logs for errors defined by the admin.

It is capable of collecting, analyzing, and archiving in real-time, event logs from distributed Windows hosts and Syslogs from distributed Unix hosts, or network devices. The EventLog Analyzer collects, analyzes, searches, correlates, reports, and stores logs from a centralized platform. It then converts that data into easy to understand reports and graphs.

In case that any abnormal behavior is detected, the software sends security alerts in real-time via email or SMS. As part of the monitoring, the tool collects, normalizes, and aggregates Windows Event Logs.

The Windows Event Log Analyzer application examines the logs and generates pre-built reports, regulatory compliance reports, or historical trend reports. It can also create alerts for anomalous and specific Windows log events. Apart from this, system administrators look at event logs as a critical source for troubleshooting performance problems on hosts across the entire network.

The event log manager software can also analyze the Windows Vista event logs, which is in extended EVT format. System log Syslog management is a security requirement in almost all enterprises. System administrators look at Syslog as a critical source to troubleshoot performance problems on Syslog supported systems and devices across the network. The Event log analyzer can examine, report, and archive the Syslog events including Syslog-ng received from all the Syslog-supported systems and devices.

Using the EventLog Analyzer, you can generate Syslog reports in real-time, and then archive these Syslogs. You get instant access to a wide variety of reports for Syslog events generated across hosts, users, processes, and host groups. The EventLog Analyzer includes value-added application logs analysis reports.

These reports show you the details of the top events generated, event trends, and more. Using these reports, administrators can quickly determine errant users and abnormal behavior of applications, thereby reducing the troubleshooting cycle. It includes file transfer details and file types, server, services, server IPs, and source ports reports. The EventLog Analyzer includes alerts on event logs which notify administrators when an event matching specific criteria is generated.

Alerting helps administrators monitor critical servers and processes on the network without spending too much time watching graphs and reports. With this tool, you can define which hosts or group of hosts need to be monitored. Depending on the size of your organization, critical processes may run on a single dedicated server, or be spread out over a group of servers.

The EventLog Analyzer lets you set up alerts for events generated in both cases. If you need to trigger an alarm based on events with a specific log type, log message, or severity, you can define a custom alert profile to notify administrators.

You can set an alert by choosing a status message from this list. Typical status messages include:. You can also set up the EventLog Analyzer to notify operators by email whenever an alert is triggered. Instant email notifications help IT identify problems faster and focus on solving them. EventLog Analyzer provides exclusive reports to help comply with various regulatory acts such as:. As part of the GLBA requirements, it is necessary that a security management process exists to protect against attempted or successful unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or interference of customer records.

In other words, being able to monitor, report, and alert on attempted or successful access to systems and applications that contain sensitive customer information. With EventLog Analyzer, you can easily monitor your network systems for any insider activity. HIPAA regulations were established to protect the integrity and security of health information, including safeguarding against unauthorized use or disclosure of the data.

In other words, being able to monitor, report, and alert on attempted or successful access to systems and applications that contain sensitive patient information. The presence of logs in networks allows forensic analysis when something goes wrong.

Without system activity logs, it would be difficult to determine the cause of a systems compromise. EventLog Analyzer lets corporations collect, retain, and review terabytes of audit trail log data from all sources to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 's IT process controls. These logs form the basis of the internal controls that provide networks with the assurance that financial and business information is factual and accurate.

For event log collection, the EventLog Analyzer application does not require a separate agent on each host from which logs are collected. Instead, the agent that collects Windows event log and Syslog messages is present as part of the EventLog Analyzer server itself.

In this way, the tool performs event log collections task without introducing additional load on the hosts.

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Includes a custom log parser to analyze any human-readable log format. Audits network perimeter devices' logs, user activities, server account changes, user accesses, and a lot more to meet security auditing needs. Uncover security threats with advanced threat detection mechanisms, such as event correlation and threat feed analysis, and mitigate them using automated workflows.

Identify malicious IP addresses, URLs, or domain interactions with your network in real time by automatically correlating log data from devices in your network with scrutinized threat feeds using our built-in global IP threat database and advanced threat analytics.

EventLog Analyzer's threat intelligence platform is automatically updated on a daily basis to help you stay on top of threats and defend your network from the latest attacks. Get insights into the threat category, the reputation score of the malicious source, and more with the advanced threat analytics add-on. Efficiently manage security incidents and speed up the resolution process by automatically assigning tickets to your technicians or administrators using predefined rules.

For every detected incident, raise tickets in centralized ITSM tools with the help desk software integrations. Expedite threat resolution by using automated incident workflows that mitigate security threats instantly.

Drill down through terabytes of raw log data and find exactly what you're looking for with EventLog Analyzer's log search functionality. Conduct basic search using wild cards, phrases, and boolean operators along with grouped searches and range searches. Use the advanced query builder to automatically construct complex queries using interactive click-based search options and more.

Save search results as incident reports and save queries as Alert Profiles to effectively conduct root cause analysis and prevent attacks of the same kind from reoccurring. Export comprehensive compliance reports in any format, tweak the existing compliance auditing report templates, or create custom compliance reports to meet the demands of future IT regulations. Archive log data for custom time periods to meet crucial log archival requirements.

Companies of all sizes trust EventLog Analyzer to manage log data efficiently, comply with regulatory demands, and secure their network. See how EventLog Analyzer enables this government organization to monitor and audit its privileged users. See how EventLog Analyzer helps this educational institution, which has around 31, students and 3, employees, to monitor its network devices and ensure the security of confidential data.

Log management, auditing, and IT compliance management made easy. Collect, monitor, and analyze logs, and comply with regulatory mandates. Download now. Log management and beyond See how EventLog Analyzer, log management software, provides holistic cybersecurity protection for your organization. Security log management Network device monitoring Application log auditing. Security log management: Leave no log unturned Collect, manage, analyze, correlate, and search through log data from over sources right out of the box using agentless log collection , agent-based log collection , and log importing.

Learn more. Network device monitoring: Start with perimeter security Guard your network perimeter from intrusions by auditing log data from perimeter devices, including routers , switches , firewall , and IDSs and IPSs. Application log auditing: Protect what matters Monitor critical changes, detect data theft, identify attacks, and track downtime in your business-critical applications, such as databases and web servers, through application log auditing.

Oracle database auditing: Monitor user accesses and activities, audit admin account changes and critical activities on servers, and more. EventLog Analyzer is available in 3 editions Free Edition Never expires Supports up to 5 log sources only Never expire Centralized log collection and archival Log search based reports Compliance reports Log forensic analysis capabilities Free Download.

Apache log analyzer Monitor Apache web server events, security errors, insights into attacks, and more. File integrity monitoring Ensure the security of sensitive data Protect your organization's sensitive data from unauthorized access, modifications, security threats, and breaches.

A real-time event correlation engine: Securely correlate disparate events Detect attack attempts and trace potential security threats by correlating log data from devices across the network with predefined rules and a drag-and-drop custom correlation rule builder. Comprehensive log management Comprehensive log management Collects, analyzes, correlates, searches, and archives log data from over log sources.

This is further strengthened by EventLog Analyzer's correlation engine. EventLog Analyzer's correlation engine can save you from the painstaking process of manually correlating log data by automatically retrieving event logs from its database and comparing them with formatted logs from other sources. This will help with detecting any chain of events that might represent an attack on the network. IT administrators often need to perform forensic log analysis in their organization. During forensic log analysis, administrators have to search through logs to find the information they need, but the enormous volume of event logs generated by Windows devices makes searching these logs manually almost impossible.

EventLog Analyzer has a dedicated search module that is easy to learn and use. It supports search queries containing wildcards and Boolean operators; you can also perform grouped and range searches. To search for an event log using EventLog Analyzer, you can utilize continuous prompts to frame a logical query and this tool will render all the logs that match that your query.

Archiving and properly disposing of collected event logs is an important part of the event log management cycle. Additionally, major IT security regulatory agencies scrutinize the process organizations have for event log archival. Most of them mandate the number of days event logs need to be stored, before the logs can be permanently deleted. By deploying EventLog Analyzer, organizations can automate event log archiving.

You can designate the number of days after which the collected event logs will be moved to the archive, and customize the number of days after which the archived event logs are permanently deleted. These values can be decided based on the compliance mandates and internal audit requirements that your business needs to comply with. Get in-depth reports for every security event.

Receive real-time alerts for anomalies and breaches. Monitor all types of log data from Active Directory infrastructure. Track failure incidents in real-time and build custom reports to monitor specific Active Directory events of your interest. Get predefined reports on server errors and attacks. Monitor and track privileged user activities to meet PUMA requirements.

Get out-of-the-box reports on critical activities such as logon failures, reason for logon failure, and more. Comply with the stringent requirements of regulatory mandates viz. Customize existing reports or build new reports to meet internal security needs. Need features? Tell us. If you want to see additional features implemented in EventLog Analyzer, we would love to hear.

Click here to continue. Free Edition What's New? EventLog Analyzer: Feature-packed event log management software Windows devices are the most popular choice in most business networks. Event log collection An important function of an event log management tool is collecting event logs from every source possible.

Agentless event log collection: This method involves collecting event logs using native mechanisms in Windows devices. Agent-based event log collection: During situations where native mechanisms are unable to be used for log collection, EventLog Analyzer comes bundled with an event log collecting agent. Active Directory log monitoring Monitor all types of log data from Active Directory infrastructure. IT compliance management Comply with the stringent requirements of regulatory mandates viz.

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