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citrix access receiver

High performance access to Windows virtual apps and desktops, anywhere access. Receiver for Mac product software. Navigate to · Select Downloads. For Receiver: Select the Looking for Citrix Receiver? · Select the drop down arrow next to the desired Workspace. FORTINET LIMITING YOUTUBE TRAFFIC Citrix access receiver comodo interviews glassdoor citrix access receiver

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Citrix used the following webcams for initial feature validation:. Adjusting the contrast of the webcam can reduce upstream traffic significantly. This can be accomplished if the webcam ships with a system tray utility that runs on the user device. Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.

Add a string value named DevicePath. The user must restart the video conference [Reference ]. High Definition In XenDesktop 7. This enhancement allows high-def webcam native resolutions for virtual sessions, up to p. Citrix Receiver now queries the webcams on the client for their list of supported capabilities media type information and resolutions. Server will then offer this list to the hosted application trying to use the webcam.

Application running on the VDA picks the desired media type and resolution from the list that was offered. If for some reason this media type negotiation fails, HDX falls back to our legacy way of webcam redirection, which is to use hard coded x CIF resolution. The selected media type and resolution is then sent to the client and the webcam uses that to start the webcam feed.

The existing registries keys on the client to control the resolution will be honored, and this mechanism can be utilized to enforce a given resolution see section 7. If Bandwidth consumption is a concern, High Definition can be disabled by applying the following registry key either on the VDA or Client :. As of XenApp 7. By default, Citrix Receiver for Windows 4. A scaling function allows applications to request resolutions other than the default.

The resolution directly affects the bandwidth consumed and the overall quality of the video. Editing the Registry for a known supported resolution like x or x might fix the issue. Note that the higher the resolution, the higher the bandwidth consumption between Workspace app and the VDA. Try a lower known supported resolution e.

You can find this by launching the Camera app in Windows 10 and clicking on Settings: Client-side registry:. Because it is possible to input a value that the webcam does not support e. When this key is not present, a default value of 15 frames per second is selected. The actual frame rate used is dependent upon the Webcam. In this case, only up to 10FPS can be used by the hosted app. Most modern webcams like the integrated ones in a Surface device e.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows supports H. If for whatever reason you want to disable H not recommended , the following registry key on either VDA or the client can be used:. Troubleshooting 8. Although keep in mind that there is no single designated place where they show inside Device Manager. This is device specific. Most common place is under Imaging Devices. Integrated webcams might show in other places e.

Citrix Workspace app Desktop Viewer preferences should list all the available webcams on the client. If that drop down does not show webcams at all, that means the Client cannot access the locally attached webcams. In this scenario, redirection will not work. This can happen because of various reasons, most commonly device drivers not installed correctly because of which Windows cannot recognize webcams.

Important : in some cases, integrated webcams like in a Surface Book will not show in Desktop Viewer preferences. This does not mean they cannot be redirected. By default, all multimedia policies explicitly set on the Controller are stored in these registries:.

Keep in mind that these two policies are Enabled by default, and policies that are enabled by default will not show under those regkeys only policies that are explicitly configured will. Failed to load featured products content, Please try again. Customers who viewed this article also viewed.

Log in to Verify Download Permissions. Troubleshooting 1. Policies HDX webcam video compression requires that the following machine policy settings are enabled all are enabled by default. Multimedia conferencing Windows Media Redirection 4.

Known Issues Caution! On XenApp 7. XenApp 7. Applications dynamically detect a webcam being plugged in or removed on the client. Users don't have to restart the application to detect these changes. Note : The Start menu folder of the Application properties is honored only if users connect to the farm or delivery group by using the Web Interface instead of StoreFront.

When users log off from the Receiver by using Fast Connect, the subscription list of applications continue to appear in the side pane. If Receiver for Windows is not configured with an account, applications cannot disconnect by using the disconnect SelfService command. The Receiver might experience an access violation and close unexpectedly. When this occurs, users cannot start sessions by clicking application icons in the Web Interface.

When starting a published application with a local printer attached to the user device, Receiver for Windows might close unexpectedly with the following error message:. With this fix, the Group Policy Object settings are given higher precedence than the primary store when reading the configuration for a session. After installing the Receiver by using the command line, the store name and the description is set as existing.

If the Receiver is restarted, the store name and the description might change automatically to another value. However, the URL remains the same and the connection works correctly. The issue occurs because when processing the Receiver sites, the store name is not retrieved from the registry; instead a new store name is generated according to the store URL.

This enhancement suppresses the prompt to remove applications from the application list and shortcuts if the application is no longer published or is disabled. The "Learn More" link in Desktop Viewer goes to a different set of help files than when users click "Help" from the Receiver icon menu in the navigation area. When accessing the URLs within a published application, the server-to-client content redirection might not work and can open a browser on the server and fails to open on the client.

As a result, server-to-client content redirection does not work. This fix is an enhancement to Fix LA On a user device with two monitors, when playing a video in Windows Media Player within a Receiver session on the first monitor, an additional black window opens on the second monitor. While in a session, the Receiver for Windows might become unresponsive when removing a USB device from the endpoint.

On occasion, a USB device is not released after logging off from a session, and the device is subsequently not available for use in the local session. Enabling Smart Authentication in the client ADM template automatically causes Local User Name and Password to be set to "Enabled" in the local policy even if the policy was not previously configured. Domain pass-through authentication can fail intermittently for Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.

When configuring Local Printer Settings in Internet Explorer 8 to print multiple pages per sheet, the setting might not be honored; instead one page per sheet is printed. The issue occurs in scenarios where you connect from a XenApp 6. When this occurs, users receive an HTTP error and auto-discovery might not work.

Logons and logoffs to and from a Windows 7 client device with Receiver for Windows Enterprise Edition installed can be delayed. Each script can cause a significant delay. When attempting to open a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file from a client drive mapped into the session with read-only access, the file might fail to open. With the "Hide Icon" policy enabled, the "About Citrix Receiver" window might appear automatically after logging on to the client device.

When pressing the Windows key or clicking the Start button to open the client-side Start menu with a seamless session window running in the foreground, clicking the taskbar icon of a local window causes the focus to remain on the seamless session window instead of shifting to the local window. After changing the password in a XenApp published desktop session, pass-through authentication to published applications from within the published desktop session fails and users receive a prompt for their user name and password.

In Receiver for Windows 4. During session pre-launch in non-English XenApp environments, the Citrix Receiver progress bar might become visible and unresponsive with the following error message:. Typing in published instances of Microsoft Outlook can cause the session to disconnect at random. When attempting to transfer a file by using a twain device with any third-party application, the application might exit unexpectedly. When users connect to a Windows 7 VDA by using Receiver for Windows, if the user redirects the SpeechMike by using Desktop Viewer, the redirection might fail when the microphone button is released.

Even with file type association configured, users are prompted to choose an application to open a given file with. Citrix Receiver for Windows If Fix LC is applied, when users disconnect or log off, the Receiver session becomes unresponsive for more than two minutes when there are other active sessions. Attempts by administrators to shadow a session can result in a black shadowing session to be initiated that might fail to redraw automatically.

The issue occurs if the shadower and shadowee windows are of the same size. The Citrix Receiver for Windows might fail to find a valid smart card certificate and the following error message might appear in the Authentication Manager debug log:. When a client device resumes from the hibernation state, Receiver for Windows can become unresponsive. An issue with the CDViewer process can cause a black screen to appear and trigger a.

Net unhandled exception. With "Local Text Echo" enabled, the input caret in published instances of Internet Explorer might flicker or be invisible over high latency connections. If users open multiple Excel workbooks and Excelhook is enabled in the registry, when closing the last workbook the Excel taskbar icon disappears, even though the Excel window is open. Any user other than the user that installed the receiver is prompted to "Add Account" when launching Receiver for the first time.

After resuming from "Turn off the display," the session is redrawn as a small screen in the top left corner of the monitor. When the Receiver Store window is closed during the application launch, the progress bar can remain visible after the application launch completes. While launching an application or a desktop, the launch dialog remains empty for several seconds without any activity description.

The API now supports bit. Use CtxCredApi CPU utilization of all wfica processes on a server can increase by around 10 percent when a single user uses audio in the user session. The receiver might not be able to properly read a certificate's organization name if the name contains special characters - specifically characters outside the first of the ASCII character set.

When using the "wfica Disabling Flash intelligent fallback in a session can cause Internet Explorer to become unresponsive. The font appears as blank spaces or random characters when printing documents with the Citrix Printer Driver cpviewer. If the "File redirection bandwidth limit" and "Overall session bandwidth limit" policies are set, the session might exit unexpectedly.

In order to address the issue, you must install both a server and a receiver update that contains Fix LA, and then set the following registry key on the server:. If the network connection to a VDA is disconnected and then reconnected, clicking with the mouse fails. When an endpoint connected to a VDA resumes from the sleep state, the mouse and the keyboard no longer work in the VDA session. Playing a video in a media player in a pass-through session can cause the session to exit unexpectedly.

Full-screen seamless applications do not move smoothly, can be jittery and show the desktop background on the borders when moved around. When looping a multimedia file in an RDS desktop session, the audio and video streams stop after the file is looping for an hour or longer. Session pre-launch works only the first time Receiver for Windows is launched, not once it has been configured.

After a few hours of usage, the wfica When upgrading to a newer version of Receiver for Windows without being connected to the Internet, the previous version is not completely uninstalled and the installation of the newer version fails. This fix addresses an issue where duplex printing fails when the Universal Printer driver is configured and has to be done manually instead.

If the StoreFront is configured with an unauthenticated store, Account Discovery might fail when using Receiver for Windows. This feature enhancement supports auto creation of shortcuts for preferred applications by using a prefer template directory. For these applications, in addition to the existing prefer rules, the Self Service Plug-in searches for the shortcuts in the prefer template directory.

If it matches the prefer rules, it copies shortcut to the user's start menu. If the application is subsequently unsubscribed or removed from the store, the shortcut that was copied from the preferred directory is deleted. When using Citrix Receiver within a virtual desktop session, attempts to launch XenApp published applications fail and the following error message appears:.

Please contact your administrator. With Receiver for Windows With the "Group similar taskbar buttons" option selected on Taskbar and Start Menu Properties on a Windows XP system, launching applications might be slow. After upgrading from Version If the user device does not have a connected webcam, attempts to start a published instance of Microsoft Lync might result in the application connecting and disconnecting several times before establishing a final connection and starting the application.

This can occur if you install an application that installs a webcam when no other webcams are installed, such as the Motorola Bluetooth package. When starting a published application or a desktop, Kerberos authentication might not work when using pass-through authentication on an IPv4 network. This release fixes the issue for IPv4 networks only.

It improves the user experience for Lync users. With the Desktop Viewer disabled, a full-screen client session does not adjust the screen resolution of the Virtual Desktop Agent in response to a change in screen resolution on the endpoint.

When connectivity to a XenDesktop session is lost for an amount of time that exceeds the Session Reliability timeout, DesktopViewer remains onscreen indefinitely. The session itself disappears, as expected, from the Connection Center after the Session Reliability timeout. The wfica If the Multi-Stream policy is enabled, applications can become unresponsive when accessing the COM port. In double-hop scenarios, launching Microsoft Outlook or Communicator can cause Receiver for Windows to exit unexpectedly.

When connecting or reconnecting to a session hosted on XenApp for Unix, no screen updates occur for 90 seconds. A change introduced in Version However, for sessions connecting to slower servers, this behavior is not always desirable.

This enhancement introduces support for the following registry key that allows you to configure the duration of the delay:. When you move a Whiteboard presentation window to another user, the other user's video does not display in your conversation window. On some client devices, video is intermittently unavailable in video calls in full-screen VDA mode.

In Version 3. Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading. Attempts by non-administrative users to upgrade the Receiver for Windows might result in the partial installation of the receiver if the receiver was installed by an administrator. With this fix, a non-administrative user attempting to upgrade a receiver installed by an administrator receives an error message and the installation process is terminated. When using version 3. As a result, pressing the "E" key subsequently can invoke Windows Explorer.

When clicking the Desktop Viewer toolbar with the Windows key pressed in full-screen mode, the key might remain in a down state. As a result, pressing the "E" key subsequently invokes Windows Explorer. This fix introduces a new parameter that allows you to force the synchronization of the keyboard LED state between the client and the server. With Local App Access enabled, clicking the Desktop Viewer causes the client local taskbar to appear needlessly. The issue occurs because the ssonsvr. When sending multiple Adobe Acrobat print jobs to a session printer, random pages or entire print jobs can be lost.

When a client device is in the sleep or hibernation state for an extended period of time with an active XenDesktop session running, upon resuming, the session might fail to reconnect as expected and become stuck in a reconnection phase requiring the session window to be manually closed. This fix addresses the issue so that upon resuming the client device, the session window closes as expected when reconnection fails. When launching a published application in seamless mode, the progress bar window remains in the background.

Receiver with Desktop Lock presents a gray screen each time there is a hardware failure or if the VM is forcefully shut down from the hypervisor. For example, when running a published instance of cmd. In scenarios where the published application is running from the remote share, this can cause undesirable bandwidth consumption.

With a GPO setting in place to prevent taskbar grouping, clicking taskbar icons on Windows XP and Vista client devices fails to switch focus to the associated windows.

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