Citrix server management

citrix server management

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Citrix server management shareconnect citrix

How to install and configure Citrix 7.12 with Server 2016 citrix server management

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Mobile Service Provider. Endpoint Management Analyzer. Restrict email access. ActiveSync Gateway. Endpoint Management connector for Exchange ActiveSync. Citrix Gateway connector for Exchange ActiveSync. Advanced concepts. Endpoint Management deployment. Net Framework 3. The below registry key must be set prior running the tool, so that a user without local administrator right can generate the required event log messages :. This data can be captured using DebugView from SysInternals. If there is no registry key, the tool checks for the file SQL.

If value is 1, then the domain is not displayed. Full administrators with access to that registry key can change this setting in the GUI. By default, it is set to 10 minutes. A value of 0 will disable the timer. This can be configured in the GUI. If a file called logo. This button will display the below window, to offer the possibility to limit to the selected servers when enumerating the sessions in the farm.

This button will display the below window, to offer the possibility to limit to the selected applications when enumerating the sessions in the farm. A right click on the selected session s will display the context menu where different actions are available, based on the custom administrator rights :.

This option will display the below window, listing the active processes for the user :. Killing a process is displayed if enough delegated administrator rights are provided. A confirmation is required and an event will be logged if the administrator confirms the action. When confirmed, the target session s will be logged off or disconnected, an event will be recorded and the below message appears :.

By default, the tool will leverage the Citrix native APIs to shadow a target session. This will re-use the ICA session from which the tool is run in order to get the maximum performance. However, the error reporting is limited in this mode. The ICA file supports single-sign on so the user does not have to authenticate into the newly generated session. Shadowing of multi monitor sessions is not supported.

API functionality is disabled when running the tool, but it can be turned it using the GUI or a registry key. The Refresh timer delay can also be set in this section. One or more sessions can be selected for action. When multiple sessions are selected, the only possible actions are : logoff, disconnect and send message.

The other options from the context menu are automatically disabled. It is also possible to copy them to the clipboard in order to import them manually into another application. Below is the list of all messages logged by the tool in the Application log. An entry must exist in the XenApp server running the tool to be able to generate the event.

This key is automatically generated by Windows whenever the first event is logged. Therefore, it is required that a user with local administrator rights is used to create the key. For bit version, the tool can send reporting information to a SQL Server database. This SQL database will only need a single table with the below fields.

Each user running the tool will need write access to this database and Windows authentication is used. Note that SQL authentication is not supported. The text file SQL. CFG please note the file information is checked only if the registry key does not exist must contain the following line :.

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