Thunderbird concept car

thunderbird concept car

Ford introduced a concept prototype for the eleventh-generation Thunderbird at the North American International Auto Show on. 13, states that the Detroit automaker continues to reserve the registration for use on “Motor vehicles, namely, concept motor vehicles. trying to add a particular concept car feature to the Thunderbird trying to get butterfly flaps onto the Ford Thunderbird's roof. FORTINET MALWARE SCAN Thunderbird concept car download google zoom for pc


An all-new power dome hood provides visual differentiation and functional engine cooling for the supercharged engine. Chrome was liberally applied to the 16 forward-facing surfaces on the hood's twin air extractors, with the engine's Gloss Red cam covers visible through slots in the louvers. A new, more prominent grille is finished in the same chrome as the hood's twin air extractor louvers.

Air intakes have been placed in the grille openings used for driving lights on the production Thunderbird. Chromed air intakes also grace each front fender, but are larger in size than the production vehicle, with all-new, cut-down rear view mirrors in color-keyed housings. Reworked front and rear bumpers complement the one-inch lower suspension, while inch tires on custom, spoke aluminum wheels anchor the vehicle to the road, both visually and functionally.

A lockable, two-piece hard tonneau cover conceals the soft, black convertible top underneath. At the rear, twin exhaust ports exit on either side of the license plate surround, seamlessly integrated into the rear bumper. Rear backup lamps have been moved from the taillights and now reside directly above the exhausts, inset into the license plate housing.

The exterior, painted cool Machine Silver, complements the Supercharged Thunderbird concept's all-leather, chamois-tinted interior. The Supercharged Thunderbird concept also features generous use of polished and brushed chrome on horizontal ribs surrounding the interior, while the center stack is adorned with Machine Silver inserts. Ford Motor Company NYSE: F is the world's second largest automaker, with approximately , employees in markets on six continents. The company's world headquarters are in Dearborn, Mich.

Ford Motor Company will officially observe its th anniversary on June 16, Source - Ford. Related Reading : Ford Thunderbird History. The Ford Thunderbird is an American automotive icon first introduced in During the early s, military men were returning from fighting in World War II.

In Europe, the style of the vehicle was very different from the Detroit American car. The graceful but sporty MG, Triumphs, and Jaguars, to name a few, had found their way into the hearts of many of these American soldiers. Now Buzzing. Industry News. April Fools' Day. Car Advice. A guide to choosing between a brand-new or pre-owned vehicle.

A Guide to Common Car Problems. Being covered shouldn't be more trouble than it's worth. Login Sign Up. Popular Tags. By Make. By Car Type.

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1999 Ford Thunderbird Prototype Concept Car Barrett-Jackson Auction

Today the Ford Thunderbird is a memory of the past, however, across its 11 generations, the Thunderbird helped define the future of Ford.

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Thunderbird concept car LTD Crown Victoria. Views Read Edit View history. When it decided to launch a new supercar nearly two decades ago the new trademark holder demanded millions for the use of the name, forcing Ford to call the car simply the GT. The Thunderbird has gone through a number of iterations throughout the years, so Ford could have plenty of opportunities, all the more so considering the way buyers seem to be accepting the idea of the Mustang nameplate now being shared with an all-electric crossover. Thunderbird Specialities.
Thunderbird concept car Link addition, a similar Thunderbird was featured in The Cat in the Hat. Email: tips motor1. And of course, Cadillac had the magnificent Eldorado which debuted in Other personalization options included the color of the removable hardtop roof, as well as a choice of several different inch aluminum-alloy wheels. Load More.
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Thunderbird concept car Other personalization options included the color of the removable hardtop roof, as well as a choice of several different inch aluminum-alloy wheels. The original Thunderbird went into production in October as a model. Initially, production stopped in late I think it was one of the best looking cars Ford ever made. Three years later, the Thunderbird went through the first of many makeovers, growing longer and adding a second row. DeMuro primarily criticized the Thunderbird's similarity to the LS, interior, and price. The proposal from the Dearborn studio won, with the production model inspired by the Thunderbird.
thunderbird concept car

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But sales fell off dramatically by the following year, and Ford brought the whole sad affair to an end in For someone who wishes to recapture a bit of that retro-fueled excitement, there is hope. And although it does look a lot like the finished product, there are some genuinely nice concept-style touches to it.

Join The Discussion Show Comments Now Buzzing. Industry News. April Fools' Day. Car Advice. A guide to choosing between a brand-new or pre-owned vehicle. A Guide to Common Car Problems. Being covered shouldn't be more trouble than it's worth. Ordinarily, one would find a cubic-inch V8 under the hood, making just shy of horsepower kilowatts. But as the gigantic exhaust outlet in the fender of this 'bird suggests, there's something radically different sitting between the fenders. In fact, it's a small gas turbine engine supplied by Boeing.

Ford archivist Ted Ryan shared the image of this prototype on Twitter, along with a snapshot of a document outlining the program. The engine is listed as a Boeing 8c creating hp kW , and presumably, a soundtrack that guarantees double-takes from every person in a one-block radius. Whereas the Chrysler Turbine car had an exhaust system exiting out the back, this Ford prototype dumps it out behind the front wheel.

Observations in the document mention "undesirability of front exhaust" along with considerable lag in start-up acceleration as design drawbacks. We can only imagine the sound and heat experienced by the driver in this jet 'Bird. Did Ford discover any advantages of a gas turbine engine in a first-generation Thunderbird?

The document mentioned good medium-speed acceleration, smooth operation, and a favorable power-to-weight ratio. And with the turbine's simpler design versus a piston engine, there's less routine maintenance. Perhaps with additional development — including an exhaust not blasting anyone standing next to the car — a jet-powered Thunderbird could've been a thing.

Of course, we know it wasn't meant to be. The Chrysler Turbine car certainly evolved the concept much further, literally taking it to a point of being streetable if a tad impractical. Mind you, that's in terms.

It's quite a price tag for what amounts to an engine swap.

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2019 Ford Thunderbird - 2019 Ford Thunderbird Concept - 2019 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

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