Workbench hd line 6

workbench hd line 6

Line 6 Variax Workbench The revolutionary Variax modelling guitar is already a uniquely versatile instrument, but now Line 6 have added an extra dimension. This free upgrade delivers a world-class collection of HD guitars rebuilt from the ground up using Line 6's next-generation HD modeling. Follow these simple steps to build a custom Variax model from scratch, combining any Workbench HD guitar body with pickups, settings, and tunings of your. UPDATE-RC.D ERROR INSSERV REJECTED THE SCRIPT HEADER MYSQL WORKBENCH

Anyone can download the software at any time, but the software is useless on its own. It won't run without required hardware. So by buying the hardware you are purchasing the software license. I agree. The Variax is still a great guitar and you can still enjoy it immensely without Workbench.

Since you just bought it I would take some time to explore its capabilities by itself. After a few months if you think the added flexibility of Workbench would be worth it you can reconsider. I really only need the workbench access for one thing, the ability to add open G to one of the models so I can use it for slide. The thing that led me to the purchase was the pain of needing three or four guitars at band practice You can post now and register later.

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Welcome to the Line 6 forums! Limited Support of Legacy Products. Impact of Global Materials Shortage. Is Workbench Free? Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 3, I tried searching but didn't find any clear answers. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Palico Posted August 3, Thanks again for the quick answer. Posted November 2, Hi there, To piggyback on this topic, I just bought a Variax off of Ebay.

Englishman Posted November 27, Posted November 27, Found the software, thanks. Englishman Posted November 28, Posted November 28, It's the Variax guitar, not the HD My mistake Ok, so after doing some checking Hmm, this seems excessive for obsolete product. Englishman Posted November 29, Posted November 29, I appreciate the help. I do realize if I were wealthier, the newer ones have this ability built in. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go to topic listing. Sign In Sign Up. Editing even extends to the ability to vary the capacitance of the Variax's virtual components. Once Variax Workbench has been installed, which is very straightforward, pressing the New button gets you into the workshop part of the program which is divided into three tabbed screens: Bodies, Pickups and Controls.

There's also a section at the bottom of the screen that deals with creating alternate tunings, where you drag little red blobs up or down the strings from the zero position to provide up to one octave of pitch change per string in either direction. This can be used to create any custom open tuning or virtual capo, though if you move too many semitones from the original pitch, some processing artifacts tend to be audible.

You can even turn off the low string and then set up a five-string open 'G' tuning for those Keith Richard licks. There are also controls for adjusting the individual string levels, and where a string model is selected, you can change the degree of detuning in the string pairs. The Bodies screen, as you might expect, allows the user to choose from a pull-down menu of body types, after which the Pickup page allows you to place one or two pickups on the body.

Note that the body models also model the way the neck interacts with the sound, so where the modelled body was fitted with a maple neck, this will be reflected in the sound that's produced. For copyright reasons, the names of the bodies and pickups only provide clues as to their exact origin, but in combination with the pictures that appear when you select them, you shouldn't have much trouble guessing what is what.

A full body and pickup listing is provided in the 'Parts List' box. Having a limit of two pickups per patch is not restricting as most real guitars don't allow you to have more than two pickups active at any one time, and you can create different pickup combinations and positions for each selector switch position on the guitar.

Not only can you place any of the pickups on any body, but you can also slide them to any position between the bridge and neck or you can even set them in the neck if that seems like a good idea. Dragging the edge of the pickup rather than the centre changes its angle, so pickup placement really is child's play. The sound goes a bit glitchy while you are actually moving pickups but it settles down almost immediately you stop dragging, allowing you to play your new changes.

Additional controls set the individual pickup levels, turn the individual pickups on or off and switch the two pickups in or out of phase. The final page determines the way the volume and tone controls work. Here you can select your own volume and tone pot values, audio log or linear taper, and even choose the value of the tone control capacitor. For the non-technical, the larger the capacitor value, the more effect the tone control has.

Just a few minutes using Variax Workbench proves that there are some very worthwhile hybrid combinations of bodies and pickups to be had, but if I put on my 'Why don't they do this? For example, the graphics do not including positional dimensions for the pickups though there is a readout of pickup angle , and guitar designers would surely find this a very useful research tool. Furthermore, while there are plenty of body types from which to choose, you don't get to choose maple or rosewood fingerboards, and in my experience, the choice of neck often has a significant influence on the character of the guitar sound, especially with Strats and Teles.

Perhaps giving the user one body model of each neck type for the most important instruments would be the way to deal with this? I've also found that differences between the various models of actual Variax guitars, particularly those with different fingerboard woods, result in a slightly different tonality, so maybe some way to compensate for the particular guitar model you're using would also be useful. Within Workbench , you can't set whether the body has a tremolo or not, and the resonance of the springs has some bearing on the sound — indeed, Line 6 model this factor on the 'Spank' model, which is obviously based on Fender's classic Stratocaster, and damp the springs in the tremolo-equipped Variaxes at least in the Variax I used for these tests to prevent them colouring the non-tremolo models.

It could be interesting to deliberately add these spring resonances to guitars that don't normally have tremolos. There's no option to fit pickups to the acoustic guitars; this is understandable, as the acoustic models are based on the miked-up sound of the instrument, but there are times when it's nice to mix the miked sound with that of a single-coil magnetic pickup.

I'm not sure whether this is a philosophical limitation or whether there simply isn't enough processing to do acoustic mic modelling and pickup modelling at the same time. And before I stop myself saying 'and another thing', perhaps it would make sense for future versions of the software to also emulate string gauge, as that affects the tone significantly.

If you could tell the software what strings you actually had fitted and which ones you'd like to sound like, it could be a real benefit and I'm sure the technical gurus back at Line 6 HQ could figure out how to do it in their lunch break! As a means of reconfiguring what the Variax already offers, Variax Workbench has the benefit of being both simple and powerful, with some very nice graphics to put the user at their ease. The ability to store libraries of custom sounds is to be welcomed and best of all is that the software is essentially free — you only pay for the USB interface if you don't have a Vetta II or PodXT Live to hook up your Variax to your computer.

Being able to twang away on the guitar as you shuffle the pickups and bodies also makes the customisation process very immediate and it is educational to see what a big difference a small change in pickup position can make.

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