Anydesk network status

anydesk network status

AnyDesk is a closed source remote desktop application distributed by AnyDesk Software GmbH. When a direct network connection can be established, the session is. The connecting to Anydesk network problem is also one of the most commonly faced problems by the users of the app. But generally not much of. Error due to network problems. Anydesk is not connected to the server. Check your internet connection. This table is not available. Make sure. CITRIX UK HEAD OFFICE

The online version will help in situations where the user cannot access the program installer, he does not have the rights to download and run third-party software. Connection via a browser does not depend on the platform — you can control a remote machine regardless of the operating system installed on the dominant computer:. Remote desktop in the online version of the program.

The web application offers almost all the functions of a portable or installed program. Read more about them at the link. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Table of contents hide. Anydesk Online. Can I run the web version from any browser? The developer does not provide a list of supported browsers, the cloud application works on popular Internet browsers: Chrome and programs based on its engine, Opera, Firefox, Safari.

TeamViewer is resource Hungary as compared to AnyDesk. Secondly, their sessions take quite a long to recover from disconnections. It can also end connections sometimes prematurely. The great advantage of having Anydesk is that no matter where I may be, I have the facility to connect and attend a computer. Anydesk has saved me from many troubles, because many times I am not in the office, and I need a file from the computer. Also, this software is very well suited to my work as much of my work is now remote.

I like Anydesk because it is a software that I can control a remote PC, and be able to access documents or other files, also its free version has many useful tools, it allows me to examine any remote computer, I can also control and install this service to monitor and control any other computer of different operating systems. I also like that it doesn't take up much memory space. Although it offers more tools in its free version compared to other remote desktop access software, there are some details that should be added such as audio calls.

Review Source: GetApp. Luis from TIG Lda. Company Size: 1 employee. Industry: Computer Networking. Every time i need to give some support to my clients on the use on the applications, i have the AnyDesk help. I only need a computer an internet connection. Teamviewer starts to collect many personal information and much money. Arun from Aster DM Healthcare.

Company Size: 5,, employees. Stellar and reliable performer for remote access specially during work from home scenario. My IT team could help me easily though I was more than miles away from my office. The user interface is intuitive. Works really well on mobile devices.

With AnyDesk my office is just a click away. Ease of use, AnyDesk is fairly is easy to set up even for a first time user. The User Interface is simple and it is easy to navigate through the menu options. Stable and Reliable, this is very important while you are working from home, miles away from your office.

AnyDesk is a stellar performer in this regard. Virtual Conferencing is one of the best feature available with AnyDesk which helps to share and discuss my ideas with team members remotely. Ability to control your remote Personal Computer through mobile device- This nifty feature is helps us to access remote computers through the AnyDesk mobile application.

Users can use the app to perform task like file transfer, shut down or restart a PC. Whitelist- is a feature which authorizes only selected users to access your remote PC. This is a great security feature prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data. Keyboard shortcuts are easy to use and assign. Works fairly well on low bandwidth internet connections. Having used AnyDesk for almost two years I haven't come across a con that can be deal breaker.

Youssef from WonderEight. Very fast and light weight remote support tool. Anydesk is very easy to setup at client computers especially for non-tech savvy users. Setting up unattended access is also very simple. Remote access through anydesk is quick, doesn't require a very fast connection and you can use it to transmit also sound from the remote computer. Anydesk is very light weight and very quick to start.

Users can download it and run it without the need to install it and the initial setup is not complicated. Running anydesk on mac for the first time can be a bit tricky for non-experienced users as they need to go to system preferences and allow access to anydesk. Looking for a new way of managing your TV Box?

Easy to set up, almost immediate to learn although some advanced and useful functions, e. AnyDesk is mostly used for remote user assistance and service ticket management. Still, I find it very effective with dealing with my Android TV box. Like most TV boxes, it has got no keyboard and navigating through menus may be cumbersome. By installing AnyDesk which has a free, cross-platform version with lots of features on both the TV box and my Windows 10 PC, I can use the latter with its keyboard and touchpad to install and customise apps on the former.

If you use your TV box with complex media management pieces of software like Kodi or Plex, you know how much time and care they require to fully configure all functions and parameters. Once you have become familiar with AnyDesk, there are many more functions that you may enjoy.

You can e. Emulating Android special keys on a PC keyboard may be complex and hard to remember. Installing on Android machines requires an additional component that is hardware-dependent: although this is pretty straight-away on most machine, it may prove complex on less wide-spread models.

Finally, of course, some advanced functions are premium only, but this is only fair. Overall, I can't see any major flaws in AnyDesk, although I must say that I am not using it for professional use. If you plan to use it to manage a custom help centre with tens of supported users, you may want to check another review before you buy the premium version. Easier to use, especially on some mostly Samsung Android machines where it may prove hard to get TeamViewer to work. I also support clients with the software and even computers from the company where I work.

I can access computers from anywhere at any time due to being multiplatform, operating via Windows, Linux and mobile. Anydesk is indispensable in my day-to-day. Anydesk is very easy to use software, allowing remote control of several computers at the same time. Very light and safe, facilitating support for customers, being possible to use the desktop and mobile version. Among the various features of the software, the following stand out: - Possibility of simultaneous access to several computers; - Secure access via authentication password; - Multiplatforms, being possible to run on Windows or Linux and mobile computers.

The only flawed point I notice is that the software allows remote control of the computer simultaneously by more than one application. In my opinion, this is not very safe, as it would allow for badly designed hacker control. For this possibility, there should be two-factor authentication to increase security, such as sending SMS or email. This is the only downside of the software.

Teamviewer has a major caveat, which is the compatibility of versions between the computers that will be connected. If the host computer is not the same version as the local computer, access will not be allowed. This is a very bad thing for me, as your client is not always able to download the new version of the software.

Rodrigo from Dapa Sistemas Ltda. All software reliable for this purpose seems to live in unreality, they are too expensive. But you need them, as going to your customer is expensive and often inconvenient. Anydesk has a fast learning curve, our users and customers found it easy to use.

It also lacks to be able to buy in local currency, without variations of the dollar. Apart from the cost, it works very well for us. Less expensive than more equivalent competitors, easier to buy, stable, easy to use. Quite used by several providers. Expensive, very expensive! An option to buy in local currency is missing.

There could be a cheaper option with only remote access. In tests, AnyDesk responded better, being more stable. You do not want your remote access to fail when the customer is angry waiting for support. We also tested others even free or cheaper, but they did not meet our expectations. Price and the fact that TeamViewer causes a big confusion of versions when you serve a company that already has other suppliers using other versions.

Anydesk is only licensed or not and whoever has a license always uses the new version, regardless of whether it is 8 or I love using AnyDesk, it works really good, it is fast, user friendly and reliable and I can always deliver super support to my customers with the use of this software.

I like this Software because it is free and easy to use, also a lot of times it came really handy because it was easy to explain Customers how to install it and setup remote access to their PC. It is really fast and is very nice to have, especially when PC checkup is required during the night, for which we can setup password protected access so we can connect without the help from the Customer and without interrupting them and their work.

Recording option sometimes creates videos which are of bad quality, even though internet connection was stable and ping was good. Also, in case of longer recordings, they tend to break at some point, take a lot of hdd space and I am unable to scroll it. Finally, it would be nice to have option to save to some desired format too. TeamViewer gives error back when there is a version mismatch, for instance if I am using v14 and Customer is using v12, I am unable to connect to Customer's PC and check what is happening with it, until their internal IT comes and upgrades the version of TeamViewer first and in our job, time is of essence many times.

Grant from TimeClick. AnyDesk has allowed us to remote on to clients computers extremely quick, and people who aren't tech savvy can easily set it up. The connection is clean, fast, and crystal clear. I've never had any problems with the connection. It's also FREE! It downloads extremely quick, making it easy to remote on to computers quickly. The connection is clean and solid. Voice, video, file share, mouse control and typing are all available to be customized. Requesting elevation administrator access, essentially is sometimes a pain if the other party doesn't know what they are doing, but the use of it is understandable.

Sometimes the code to type in is a little odd. It is free and just as good and easy, if not easier, than some of these other softwares. Juan Manuel from Melezca. Industry: Consumer Services. Alternative to teamviewer that is up to the task.

My experience in general with this software was quite good, except for a few small cases, it worked correctly and I let myself use it without time limitations as happens with the competition. The ability to reproduce sounds is very important in order to perform sound-related test validations.

The interface felt complex but if we leave it configured for the end user, he will only have to open the program and let the rest do it for us. I recommend it. It works quite well, it has the great option of being able to reproduce the sound of the machine to which we are connecting, an option that is not very seen in other similar software.

It has a simple tool to connect since it does not require a password, only an ID and that the user on the other side accepts it, or not, depending on how the software is configured because it allows remote access without authorization with different variations. It is available in all operating systems.

Although the interface is complete, it is not that clear and tends to make the end user dizzy with so many options. It would be interesting if menus can be reduced or see a "lite" version so that the user does not get dizzy. We suffered some lag problems in the connection that we did not suffer with other software, but in brief occasions. We selected the AnyDesk in front of VNC Viewer since the VNC allows you an unmonitored access and without giving notice to the end users and this brought them discomfort since they felt observed all the time.

We changed from Teamviewer to this one due to the cost of licenses that was very high. In the worldwide pandemic period of Covid 19, Anydesk ran a major role in our business. Angellina from Nkhanga. Industry: Food Production. Being in Control of your computer from anywhere around the world. I have used the app to solve both personal and business problems. I remember a time when my workmates were stuck with food and data entry on our kitchen computer, I could log in from another country and do things as if I was there.

This helped a big deal. AnyDesk is one of the smartest applications that saves time and unforeseen costs of travelling long distances just to attend to issues on a computer, or other remote gadgets. One good thing I like about AnyDesk is that it is worldwide, being used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. It is also supported almost an all the operating systems like windows, Android, Mac, Linux, Chrome, making it a universal software.

Another fact I like about AnyDesk is the ease of screen sharing. There is no hustle about it, as long as there is user on the other end to accept the connection. AnyDesk also presents a very good screen scaling that the image displayed on the remote gadget is clear with no distortions. It feels as if you're sitting in front of the other PC. In my use of AnyDesk, I have not experienced any lagging or unnecessary bugs on it. It is generally smooth, with steady mouse movements.

The app also has a free version and a paid version. The paid version is also relatively cheaper when compared to its competitors. Security of the application was also well considered. Firstly, the connection has to be manually iniciated from one end and accepted on the other end. A password has to be provided and used for the connection to start.

Each session has its own password. No option to chat with the person on the other side, either through text or calls. So you rely on other communication apps to talk to each other. It would be good to add a feature where communication would be made directly via the AnyDesk. Edin from Carnival Cruise Line. Industry: Hospitality.

Overall, AnyDesk has been a great tool and has done its job better than expected. If you are seeking for a good, reliable and affordable tool to use, AnyDesk is definitely the way to go. While using AnyDesk, I have managed to control the host device easily and quickly, without issues and lags during the session.

It has never failed me and it has a lot of options that allow multiple tasks, even the complicated ones to be performed flawlessly and in a simple manner. The options offered in this tool will do everything that you need and the interface is very neat and nice. The connection speed is not the greatest if the internet quality varies. In other words, if you are using mobile data where you are on the move but still using the tool, it might get slow or lag at times or even freeze.

Still, it goes back to normal quickly. Vineet from Spear Networks Pvt Ltd. Love the ease of use, lets you connect to remote devices and they have a version for almost all major OS. Helps us connect to remote users and give them quick resolutions, saves times to visit their places. TO get a quick support one does not even need to install the product, it can just be executed without installation on Windows.

Connecting to mobile phones is a big plus, but does not let you operate phones, only view. The personal edition is also free and does not bug you to subscribe to a paid edition. Crashed on a remote computer once, but that's an isolated single event.

Would also like to see the ability to control mobile phones. Nipuna from Srila Systems Pvt. Overall experience of using AnyDesk is really good to me and its the best "FREE" alternative for remote desktop connection software. Data consumption also very low and its very user friendly software. Anydesk is a user friendly remote desktop connection software and it outruns major "paid" remote desktop connection software in many ways.

User can connect with a remote desktop in hassle free way. It also gives file transfer between two desktops and not only that it gives many features like Privacy mode, Clipboard and many useful features. Lastly data consumption is very low comparing other remote connection apps.

When we come into cons Anydesk and good internet connection is a must factor. If you having a bad internet connection it causes lag on remote computer and you are not able to work properly. But you can drop image quality and continue on your work. We have certain tools tied to US IP addresses and allowing our team to be able to access these from across the globe is a huge benefit to our daily operations.

I want to say the price -- we've been on the free plan for many years. I imagine they'll migrate to a more consistent paid model down the road but even with that in mind, it'll be worth the expense. It's a very lightweight, easy to use way to have our team access remote desktops from anywhere in the world.

The install process could be a little more streamlined, but other than that no complaints. As it stands the app can run natively with the downloaded file, though a prompt to install afterwards was a little confusing but easy enough to figure out. We used a different application in Windows based systems, but we installed machines with different operating systems.

We could not connect to linuz systems from other application. We started using anydesk because we had problems switching from windows to linux. The application's interface and management screen is very good. The screen image quality is very good when I provide remote connection. Connection speed is very good. The application works well. Not difficult to install and use. There is no feature I do not like. It worked for connecting to different systems than Windows-based systems.

With Anydesk it is much easier to connect to linux system machines. My use case is to connect to my private pc or the one of my mother mainly. Although i connect to other family members as well to help with tech problems every once in a while. Although there is no address book, the last connected devices are still shown and i have yet to outrun the ammount of last connected devices. When i use a new device to connect from I just keep a note with the IDs.

Always worked super fast and reliable whenever i needed it. There are chat and file copy features that also work really well whenever i used them. The UI is fresh and intuitive. The addressbook doesnt come with either the free or the basic tier Which means you have to remember the names given to the pcs you manage.

I was using Teamviewer before with no real issues unless one day i got the message that im blocked. I contacted support and was unblocked after one or two weeks, only to be blocked again after my first connect. Jimmi from Crystal Technologies Limited.

If the network conditions are good, AnyDesk is the go to software for remote access. In overall, AnyDesk is my go-to remote access software as so far despite the few negative experiences i rarely experience, it has never let me down.

I am generally happy to have discovered this software. Not only has it allowed me to support clients remotely but also proved to make my life very cost effective. Furthermore, once connected successfully the connection is very stable with clear video quality. As good as the software is, it can get really frustrating when trying to use keyboard shortcuts when connected to a remote device.

Ability to use free license for a long duration of time, making it cost effective and reliable at the same time. Damien from Giant Wholesale Distributors Ltd. Industry: Wholesale. I love everything about this software. It is so easy to use and very responsive when logging in to remote desktops. Fay from Afrizim. I liked working with anydesk as I can help people online with very little hassle they can see exactly what is going on, installation is easier also not so expensive that it makes it out of reach for people.

For a support program one of the better ones. Very easy to use picks up all screens if thier are multiple screens involved. Very secure not just anyone can get in you have to accept the person and also it is very consious of if you changing system files it likes to warn and make sure you know that you are doing this.

Value for money - even on the free version the options are great Easy for customers to use as well don't require length installation for it to work. Very little to dislike about the program really enjoy the functionality and use of it. A nice program. Teamviewer was getting to expensive and not always easy to install on computers. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Get Advice.

Other Software. User Reviews Overview. Ratings Breakdown 5 stars. Feature Ratings. Value for Money. Customer Support. Sort by: Recommended Most Recent. February AnyDesk saved my grades by the Bell! Pros I came home with my new Laptop and a pen drive filled with SolidWorks3D installation files, adamant to install and complete a project overnight - which will ensure my passing grade in my Master thesis. Cons I feel like there should be some control where the user can select multiple folders of files that would be invisible to the other end-user.

Great Free Alternative to Teamviewer Really pleasant and a great alternative whenever the Teamviewer License we use at work is under use and we've been considering and slowly moving our clients to AnyDesk because paying Teamviewer is now an expensive subscrption when there's so much good alternatives.

Pros It works exactly how'd you expect if you come from using Teamviewer or other remote desktop access applications. Cons It can be a little bit heavy on the CPU side when using it on older hardware. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Pricing, it's becoming extremely expense. Easy and Convenient Remote Support Tool I am very happy with this small size but full of features remote solution.

Pros I like Anydesk because it is small in size and easy to download instantly when it needs. Cons This tool should have audio call features. December AnyDesk Review Very positive! Pros AnyDesk is easily accessible for download from their official website. Cons The software does need further configuration to achieve a custom set-up. March Problemas Se desconecta y se cuelga el ordenador, hay que reiniciar. Pros Facil de utilizar, cuando funciona. July Pros The Installation process of AnyDesk is very easy.

Cons You need a strong internet connection to keep using AnyDesk smoothly. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Anydesk was more afforadable and also provided us with more remote control features. November AnyDesk is excellent for collaboration and remote assistance With AnyDesk I can collaborate with work colleagues, in a stable and organized way, it allows us to do a recording session, in this way a video can be shared with other employees, this helps to save time, it is a very safe software since it has a password and Two-factor authentication, it is possible to use it on almost all platforms, the iOS version is easy to use and practical to monitor other devices remotely.

Pros I have used remote connection software since many years ago, and over time, some improve and others get worse, AnyDesk has been one of the ones that have improved the most over time. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk AnyDesk has improved in recent years and offers the same or even better tools at a lower cost. June Cons I have really nothing negative to say about AnyDesk. Pros Its ease of access and the simple features has really put it up in a higher category.

Cons Sometimes there are issues like connection interruption and other glitches, but thats only when it is conneted with another device and there are net issues. Pros It is like plug and play no need to install and at the same time secure. Cons Withor equal to less than kbps speed it does not works well.

Reasons for Choosing AnyDesk Small in size and customer can just download and use. It is like most stable stand alone setup than any other Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk TeamViewer is just time consuming and need lot of information to provide before sharing screen.

Nice software but support Pros Nice software but some problem with managing address book Cons The address book registration suffering by some mistake and support is only in english or German. Great Remote tool Awesome tool. I use it to work remotely all the time and prefer it over any other with the exception of remote desktop connection on a local network Pros I love the remote PC wake functionality and the local network detection.

Being free this allows various people to connect without any issues and is helpful in a IT workspace Cons Some issues with going full screan when the remote PC and client does not have the same screen size Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Pricing is more affordable.

May Great Software for Remote support Great, service was nice and answered question even before we bought the software in less then 24 hours Pros Remote control is fast and easy, really easy to set-up, you can set your company logo and branding, everything is pretty easy, and everything can be configured from the admin page.

All the feature you really need from a remote acces software, plus some cool feature, not seen in most software Cons the auto-update feature does not work on a custom client, but if you have a deployment solution is pretty easy to deploy the new version Reasons for Choosing AnyDesk Price, fonctionnality, great fonctionnality for a price lower then competition. Outstanding tool for Remote Access It is the most reliable and efficient tool for easier remote access and nothing to complain about.

Pros Remote access is made easy with anydesk without any hassles. Cons With limited features, it has great value for money and time. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk cannot access external machines, it does not permit or even allows to request access for control. September Pros Anydesk was the perfect solution when my TeamViewer stopped giving me free remote access to my work computer.

Cons There have been rare occasions that Anydesk has disconnected on me in the middle of something and had trouble reconnecting for a while. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Teamviewer stopped allowing me to use the free version. Remote support made easy I use Anydesk to both help my coleagues when they run into any difficulty with their IT needs as well as get help when I get stuck with something.

Pros The time of bulky and heavy remote support software is long gone thanks to anydesk. Cons When sharing your screen through the application, the video quality is very low. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Anydesk is much more lightweight compared to competitors. Pros AnyDesk allows me to offer technical support to my clients remotely. Cons Your security can easily be compromised as someone who has permission to access your computer remotely can spy on you.

October Anydesk Bocra review anydesk is very easy to use, convenient can be used on the go as long as you have stable internet connectivity. Pros easy to use and has mobile device access Cons File sharing of Large file at times fail Reasons for Choosing AnyDesk The pricing of anydesk is lower of that of team viewer, anydesk is very easy to use as it has less features than team viewer so it save time on the administration side and setting up.

AnyDesk remote monitor your gadgets I uses the app to monitor mining rigs on remote computers at home. Pros I liked the fact that it gives an option to remotely restart computer and if off you can wake computer remotely with LAN Cons The app should have add on for easily able to turn on computers without enabling BIOS first. August AnyDesk is less expensive and convenient to use for remote access I use Any Desk frequently to connect to our clients computers in solving related problems on the services our company provides to them.

Pros Its easy to install, very user friendly and easy to connect to clients or other computers. Cons Any Desk is good just that you need to have a good internet connectivity to prevent being disconnected frequently. Pros I like this remote desktop software since I can access a computer from a mobile or another computer only with the ID that Anydesk provides to the device in a unique way to the computer that we want to access, no matter where you are, with Anydesk you can connect and manage the other device as if you were behind.

Cons What I don't like about Anydesk is that it doesn't have audio call communication with the other device, this would be a useful tool. Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Anydesk has the same tools at a lower cost. January Excellent tool for remote control and support It has been a great experience, works as intended, it is very reliable Pros It is very easy to use, it has no time limit, the connection is fast and responsive, the free version allows you do to many things, you can keep a record of your computers for easy access Cons Sometimes the programs keeps open, it also creates a Windows Service and this is by default, is it now a big issue but you have to be aware if you are installing as remote support so your client knows what is happening on the background Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Teamviewer is unreliable in comparison, the free version has many more limitations, nad AnyDesk is better overall.

A great way to give and receive computer support It is a wonderful software, I have been able to provide support to people from different companies, in other cities without any inconvenience, I have been able to transfer files easily and quickly and I have been able to make configurations to computers and servers without difficulties.

Pros -This great program allows me to control several computers at the same time, they can be servers, desktop computers and even mobile devices. Cons -The mobile version most of the time has not worked for me -It has some conflicts between firewall and ports when giving permissions. Excellent alternative for remote support It is the best in remote support software, it has helped me to remotely solve many problems that my clients present and the response speed of the screen sharing is very good.

Pros The ease of remote connection, you can have authorized or non-presecial face access, the options are intuitive and easy to understand Cons he conversation chat is not independent from the main screen, to chat it is necessary to have the session screen open Reasons for Switching to AnyDesk Updating this software is more transparent and less complicated.


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