Centos vnc server crash

centos vnc server crash

I am getting a similar problem with VNC Server continually crashing. I can get VNC Server started using the Kali-Pi TFT button. I am observing a VNC server crash on client connect after a previously successful connect. This mostly seems to happen if the client disconnects uncleanly. Bug - tigervnc-server segmentation fault (sessions log file Description of problem: vncserver sessions crash (seemingly). FILEZILLA CAN T OPEN DATA CONNECTION FOR TRANSFER OF

Login [x] Log in using an account from: Fedora Account System. Red Hat Associate. Red Hat Customer. User Changes. Page Help! This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Bug - Xorg crashes after upgrade of tigervnc-server-module Summary: Xorg crashes after upgrade of tigervnc-server-module. Patch Regression ZStream.

This could lead to the X server crashing. A fix from a later version of tigervnc has been backported, and the GLX extension is now initialised correctly. Comment 9 errata-xmlrpc UTC. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Keywords : Patch Regression ZStream.

Target Release :. Bug Fix. Sadly, I no longer have the logs for the official 1. I do have logs for the Ubuntu supplied 1. I've attached those. The 1. I managed to reproduce the issue here and got it fixed in e97da Skip to content. Star 3. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels bug Something isn't working. Copy link. To Reproduce Start the VNC server on the remote host: vncserver -localhost no :1 Connect the client: vncviewer server:1 Do some work doesn't seem to matter how long the connection is open Close the laptop lid don't disconnect gracefully, laptop goes to sleep Re-connect client: vncviewer server:1 Password prompt observed, followed by below mesaage on the client: CConn: End of stream Expected behavior VNC server does not crash, and prior session is resumed.

Screenshots Tue May 19 Connections: accepted: Server aborting EE. TigerVNC Viewer bit v1. Linux server 5. Xvnc TigerVNC 1. Underlying X server release , The X. Org Foundation. Mon May 18 Connections: accepted: Could you try one of our builds instead so we can see if this is a build issue? Sadly, the issue still exists with the latest official build: Wed May 20 Connections: accepted: Please apply that patch to your build, or try the next nightly build.

CendioOssman closed this May 23, CendioOssman added the bug Something isn't working label May 23, Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account?

Centos vnc server crash tier 3 workbench


On CentOS 6. I have to restart the TigerVNC server to be able to reconnect and get a new desktop. Anything previously running has quit. I believe the issue has to do with trying to access the VM itself by clicking into the VMware window. I've tried disabling 3D Acceleration on the VM and made all of the graphics settings as simple as possible but I still get crashing.

I don't recall it happening with 1. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I've tried disabling automatic re-sizing and that hasn't helped. Sorry, something went wrong. A crash should result in a backtrace in the log, which is what we need to debug this. How are you starting the VNC server? I was able to boot a Debian VM multiple times with no issue. First attempt to boot a Windows 7 or 10 VM and crash city. This is odd.

This is exactly the same backtrace as , which is already fixed. You need to grab a nightly build from us to get the fix. Well that's a shame. Unfortunately I'll have a hard time fixing it without being able to reproduce it. I have a much older version though. I tried it with VMware 9, and could not reproduce the crash. We are planning an upgrade here though, so I can try again after that.

Should be fixed in dba2. A new nightly build will be available tomorrow. I've also added it on the 1. Skip to content. Star 3. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels bug Something isn't working. Copy link. Figured I'd open this issue to get things started. What logs do I need to submit to make this more useful? Makes installing a OS tricky though. Rolled back to 1. Something introduced in 1.

CendioOssman added the bug Something isn't working label Nov 9, Wrong log. I'll get you a fresh one later this evening. Followed build instructions on a clean It would be tremendously helpful if someone could provide some steps to setup a tigervnc build environment from scratch that matches the environment used to build the official linux binaries. Managed to compile a new x0vncserver with the above code, but unfortunately there is no exception thrown - the XIOError simply calls "exit".

I think this url is very pertinent to the issue at hand at least based on the stack trace that I'm getting :. What's odd is that the libxcb being used on my system is 1. None of the libs being used by x0vncserver have changed. I've been using the same version of x0vncserver for a long time, but it started exhibiting this problem after a system update a few days ago. Xvnc doesn't seem to exhibit this problem, so I might have to use that as a workaround if I can't figure out what's gone awry here.

For additional information, I can reliably make it crash if I open chrome and go to something like youtube and start playing a video. Sometimes just opening chrome and having it visit the homepage of www. Are you also on Debian 10, SvenCarlberg? The system in question is ubuntu I still have some 3D acceleration glx, etc but I don't know what if anything I'm losing by using fbdev instead of the driver which would seem to be more specific for my GPU.

I don't do anything graphics-intensive, so probably nothing lost. Maybe this will help the OP i. Or perhaps they're hitting the libxcb issue noted earlier. I think that the main culprit was actually chrome in my case. That was updated in the aforementioned system update and it seems that everything was working fine as long as I didn't try to use chrome.

As soon as I opened chrome and started using it for anything substantial, I got that libxcb abort. Someone will have to try to reproduce this and try to debug the code where it goes wrong. I'm afraid I don't think I have time anytime soon myself though. Hopefully someone else can have a look.

Hi SvenCarlberg how did you solved the RandrGlue. Benik3 I hand-edited the Makefiles to add some absolute paths to the relevant include directories. I get a similar error here. I forward part of the screen with x0tigervncserver.

And after some time, the server just crashes. However, I observed a few occations where this happens regulary:. That should not affect things as we're not monitoring things on such a low level. We're simply getting notifications when the screen changes and then try to get those changed pixels.

So far the reports have been on either Debian or Ubuntu. I wonder if they simply have a bug in their libX11 or X server that we are triggering. I'm using debian unstable on the VNC Server. Here are a few version numbers that could be of interest. It is very easy to trigger if you hover the mouse over the task switcher causing live previews to be shown. What rendering backend do you use? I am also seeing this crash in x0vncserver: comment Red Hat 7.

Only happens when I use Google Chrome Same version of Chrome. I have also run into this issue with the 1. It seems a I use the X display as much as I want, but the moment I open a shell and attempt type, that's when the connection drops for me. Here is the server output:. I also tried with Protocol3. I will try another client, and updated server later. I can reproduce this problem or one very like it easily and reliably, so if there is anything I should test or debug, I'm happy to help.

The end of xtruss output looks like this running tigervnc I have had a similar issue recently. I used to run x11vnc but autonomous key repeats began to appear after a system upgrade, which made VNC sessions unusable. After switching to x0vncserver, the crash problem also occurred to me. After these repeated crashes, key strokes became unusable. I needed to use mouse to logout and login to reset.

Sometimes I could see a similar autonomous key-repeating event on App Launcher after reestablishing a new VNC session. It seemed to me the problem is related to how key strokes are handled among x0vncserver, X server, and X applications. Because x11vnc also has the strange key-repeating issue, probably a recent upgrade of X itself has something to do with these. DanFulger seems to be on to something here with Glamor. Could a few more of you guys also see if the problem goes away if Glamor is disabled?

As well as Option "AccelMethod" "none" to my Device section. Glamor is disabled:. But the x0tigervncserver crashes persist, also with tigervnc I wasn't able to make the reproducer crash, so this is apparently not the "32 bit counter widening bug" in libxcb. For me, the x0tigervncserver crashes occur very frequently when a "hovering" window is displayed or disappears: windows such as tooltips in Opera, context menus, or window previous in the task switcher.

My workaround, for now, is using a shell loop to keep restarting x0tigervncserver, like this:. This is still very inconvenient due to the frequent crashes. I am also seeing this crash in x0vncserver: Only happens when I use Google Chrome, but then it happens all the time, not just related to video. I have not tried with glamor disabled, but I when I start chrome --disable-gpu the crash no longer occurs, even during video playback.

With GPU enabled the crash instantly reproduces, on both old and the most recent version of Chome. The GPU is the one inside the Intel processor. It could also be related to latency; the client and server are both connected to fixed Internet service from the same provider and located on the same street. I tried to reproduce with glamor and Chrome GPU enabled in another setup, with client and server in the same apartment but the client connecting via mobile phone tethering.

The crash did not reproduce. Maybe this workaround will help some of you until this bug is fixed. OS is Ubuntu X Server is 1. I'm not using Chrome, but rather Firefox. Thank you for your attention! Please let me know how I can help troubleshoot this further. Has anyone reported this to your respective distributions?

Or to the Xorg folks? The crash is in a system library so this isn't necessarily a bug in TigerVNC. They may be in a better position to figure out what is going on. I hit this issue too, using tigervnc-scraping-server package on Debian 11 with Nvidia proprietary driver.

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#38 - How to stop x11vnc vnc server on ubuntu 20.04 crashing, for remote access or screen sharing. centos vnc server crash

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