Workbench systems

workbench systems

Features of a Modular Workbench Cabinet System · Locking casters that allow you to move the unit to where you need it or keep it in one place · Heavy-duty. Don't sit on the ground while trying to get stuff done in the garage, grab one of these versatile workbenches and increase your. Husky6 ft. Adjustable Height Solid Wood Top Workbench in Black for Ready to Assemble Steel Garage Storage System. BANYAI ISTVAN ZOOM DOWNLOAD

Dan and his family can place their coats or boots in here before heading inside their home. It's a great idea to place some kind of garage storage system right next to your home entry door. After attempting to install the 24"H cabinets, before he realized they would not be tall enough to reach the ceiling as he had hoped.

He decided to order an extra three 31"H upper cabinets and move the 24"H units to the back wall. The left wall of Dan's garage measures 23 ft. This wall also has plenty more space to install another garage storage system. On the left side of the left wall it was decided to add a garage wall storage. The slatwall is right before the garage door which makes it a great place to store gardening tools. Dan bought a couple 4' loop hooks that allow him to hang things like a hose, or extension cords.

This also created the perfect spot for hanging a large ladder. Above the tall cabinets there are three 32"W x 31"H x 24"D upper units create floor to ceiling storage. As you can see from the picture, t he space heater attached to the ceiling prevented Dan from stacking an upper cabinet on top of the tall unit.

The tall cabinets on the left wall with two doors and three drawers are not a standard configuration for GarageCabinets. Dan needed additional deep drawers but couldn't add anymore base cabinets to the workbench area on the back wall. Before installing all of the garage storage cabinets, Dan had his garage floor done so it could look more aesthetically pleasing.

As well as having garage storage cabinets, a garage flooring can enhance your home and even increase your property value. Eventually garage floors become stained from grease, oils, and chemicals, turning that smooth concrete into an ugly eyesore. Transforming your plain concrete floor with an epoxy garage floor coating adds years of service, durability and stain resistance. If you plan on doing your garage floor, it is important you have a professional do it.

There are several commercial products that are excellent but they are not very forgiving to work with therefore do not lend themselves to a DIY'er. Most DIY flooring kits have low solids and just don't perform very well. On the right side of the garage wall there is a small slatwall. From the picture below, you can see that Dan has a few slatwall accessories.

He is using one of the hooks to hang his chair. This was a big project for Dan. Like it was said in the beginning, he wanted his dream garage done and he got it. And if you can tell by the pictures, Dan doesn't have anything on his garage floor.

It is very important to have your garage floor as clean as possible because if you don't, you'll hate yourself later. Achieving your dream garage isn't that far from reality. A lot of people think that you need to hire a professional to transform your garage but you don't have to.

Dan achieved this result by himself. The only thing that GarageCabinets. There's always a good feeling after undertaking a big project like this and doing it all by yourself. So, don't take too long in transforming your garage like Dan did. Brainstorming the Project Because of his professional background, this contractor knew exactly that he needed a long workbench area and lots of storage.

Sketches The project manager starts by brainstorming ideas and send Dan some proposed sketches. Dan's Dream Garage Like we said, garage workbenches had to be in Dan's dream garage. Back Garage Wall Dan's back wall measures 33 ft. Slatwall Black slatwall panels fill the space between the workbench and the upper cabinets.

Additional Storage Space If you continue to move further right from the slatwall, you see more storage. Left Garage Wall The left wall of Dan's garage measures 23 ft. Garage Floor Before installing all of the garage storage cabinets, Dan had his garage floor done so it could look more aesthetically pleasing. Mini Slatwall On the right side of the garage wall there is a small slatwall.

Final Result This was a big project for Dan. I was so happy with the whole experience that I just ordered my second unit. First thing I noticed is how well the benches were packaged for delivery when we took them off the truck. It was clear at that point before even physically seeing the product, we were going to be impressed. Once set FAQ If you have questions? Check here first for answers. Contact Us Need more information?

Contact Lew directly for answers. What people are saying about Dragonfire Tools Workbenches and Toolboxes: Great box excellent customer support thank you read more Review by: Edgar Perez. Buy the Best Heavy-Duty Workbench or Industrial Tool Cabinet Online When you need a durable, affordable tool storage solution, it may be time to invest in one of our workbench tool storage cabinets.

Each Dragonfire Tools workbench with drawers is expertly engineered to meet our high quality standards and specifications, and you can count on our products to provide years of use. Measure your largest tools so you can choose a toolbox with drawers that will accommodate everything you need to store.

Pick out industrial workbenches with storage drawers that are right for your needs, or contact us for a custom order. Clean your tools , making sure to lubricate any moving parts, sharpen blades, and fix loose handles. Stow your tools in your new storage tool bench. The best tool chests and tool benches are sturdy, have enough space to store everything you need to put away, and offer a durable worktable on top.

A metal shop workbench is superior because it gives you the strongest surface possible, so it can hold up to any work you may be doing, no matter how tough the job. The size of your workbench will depend on the amount of gear you need to keep in it and the amount of space you have for your new box.

If in doubt, keep in mind that few people have ever complained of having too much storage space in a large workbench! What Is the Best Height for a Workbench? Your industrial workbench should sit around waist height for good posture and comfort while working. That said, most garage workbenches are around three feet tall. Our workbenches are usually a little more than three feet tall, allowing for plenty of storage space beneath, as well as a comfortable working height.

There are a lot of ways to organize a heavy-duty metal workbench with drawers, and you should stick with whatever organization system works best for you. Often, mechanics and other wrench-turners will put their most-used tools in the center drawers and work outward from there. Only you can know which garage workbench will be the best fit for you and the work you do.

Fortunately, Dragonfire Tools offers high-quality, reliable workbenches that can stand up to even the toughest jobs.

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